Monday, September 11, 2006

check this out

Hey, it's me... back with a quicky.
You've got to check out one of my favorite blog sites-
She's the one that got me started in this whole blogging thing. And I thank her!
And her Mom, Nancy and I were pregnant with Amy and Shawn at the very same time.
Anyway, Amy has posted some pics from yesterdays scrapping.
Check them out and enjoy!


Amy Schubert said...

ooh ... free publicity ... for that day in the future I go for Scrapbooker of the Year!

Jody said...

Hi 'friend'...that's so cute that you catch yourself calling ME that. If you met me in real life, you might not like me as much. Funny thought, huh?! Anyway, next stop...Amy's blog. She's getting excited for me in my SOY contest, I think. Cute girl. Also, just had to add this memory of mine that you jogged from your previous post- it's the 4-H pledge. Yep. I was a 4-H girl myself for awhile. Here goes...
"I pledge my head to clearer thinking, me heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service and my health to better living. For my home, my club, my community, my country and my world."
Did I do that right?! =) Have a of the day.