Wednesday, October 11, 2006

scrapbooking... then and now

I have been scrapbooking since 5th grade. I made elaborate scrapbooks all through my Jr. and Sr. High years because well, I really thought I would be famous one day and it was important that my life be well documented. I have always kept diaries and journals too... you know, for that book... about me...
When my brother was here this past weekend, I had him look through all my scrapbooks. I was kinda weird back then when it came to memorabilia. Let's see... I scrapbooked all the candy wrappers I was eating at special occasions. I would journal about eating this Caramello bar while watching the movie "Love Story" in 7th grade... a Bit-O-Honey during a tour of the Alma Power Plant in 8th grade. Oh and the candy had 10 cents printed on the wrappers! No way! I am not that old!
I saved the wad of gum that I was chewing while asking Harmon Killabrew and Jim Perry for autographs at a Twins game.
I even saved the tissue that I cried on when I made cheerleading!
I scrapbooked clippings from our local newspaper of BBall and football games I cheered... the ticket stub from the time my girlfriend and I drove to LaCrosse in a snow storm to see The Exorist... all my report cards and 4-H County Fair ribbons... my class ring receipt... ribbons from a Prom corsage... a sugar packet from a Homecoming date... foliage off a tree from a 4-H trip to Washington D.C.
So it was easy for me to resume scrapbooking a couple years ago, as I had saved every imaginable object throughout the years, knowing I would someday scrap it. And now I AM!

Check out Miranda's amazing work! Click those words and it'll take you to my daughter Miranda's latest scrap pages on her blog. I am so proud of her work... she is my inspiration... my motivation. She can scrap through a stack of photos in the time it takes me to sit down and just get started! I labor over every photo, every layout, every word. I need to lighten up and just get those creative juices flowing and... scrap it!


NanAZ said...

Wow! How funny! You know that wad of gum just might be worth something on eBay. And if you ever get stranded on a desert island with your scrapbooks you may have enough to keep you alive just by licking those wrappers and eating things like sugar and gum. So do you think there's a special connection with food for you?

Isn't it amazing what we can learn about ourselves through scrapping?

Anonymous said...

you're totally crazy ... and cute ...

you should post some of your pages.