Thursday, December 07, 2006

These are a few of my favorite things

I love my Waechtersbach German dishes! Years ago I bought 6 dinner plates at a Christmas liquidation store for $6.00 each. They were irregulars with tiny imperfections but I was thrilled to have them... never dreaming I would ever afford more! Well, years later at an Elders Retreat up in Pine, Arizona, I found more of these treasures at a little antique store... 4 complete place settings for $25.00! That's like the cost of one plate! But the best deal was when my cousin Shelley in WI sold me her entire collection along w/ 4 wine glasses for only $10.00!! They were even bought in Germany!! Oh and the serving bowl was found at TJ Max for $5.00! Am I blessed or what!

We love when it gets cold enough that we can use our woodstove. We love the smell of burning wood, staring into the fire through the stove window and stockings that were hung by the chimney with care.

I love my Carolers collection. I named the older gent after my Uncle Stan when he passed away... the woman to Uncle Stan's right is after my Aunt Eva that died a couple years ago. The other woman... well, is just too homely for me to name someone after... sorry, but she is... but she is loved.

I am a smitten mitten nut!! I always have been! My Mom was always knitting mittens and still does. Hey, with 6 kids, she had to! We went through a ton of mittens growing up. So my "mitten garland" has many mittens that my Mom made for my kids and even includes a pair of mittens that I knitted in high school, the varigated blue pair in the far left. Otherwise I have found the others at thrift stores over many years.

Trees, trees and more trees... love em all! Over the summer I bought these trees at a yard sale... all for only $2.00! Such a deal! I couldn't wait to add them to my Village! They seem to be settling in quite well in Newberg.

OK, I made a killer pie last night and well, warm apple pie & ice cream just happen to be a few of my favorite things! So there!


Amy said...

i can't wait to see your house!!

Lucy said...

MMMM that pie looks awesome!! And great score on the Christmas dinnerware, it must have been meant for you right from the get go. Look how years later it all came together to complete your collection!

LostRoses said...

Your red dishes are a great find, and look how your collection filled in over the was meant to be!

Your carolers are like mine and I just got done putting them out. They're rather whimsical, aren't they? I remember watching my grandson at around age three stand in front of them with his mouth in a perfect "o" just like the carolers. Very cute!

I have yet to put up my village, just a few pieces this year, under the tree. Maybe tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder about the train!

Zoey said...

I can see why you love the Waechtersbach German dishes. They are beautiful. What a thrill it must have been to keep finding additions.

You also have quite a caroler collection. I got a laugh out of "she's too homely" to name her after someone. LOL

I've never seen mitten garland like that. So unique and so nice that you have some of your mom's and your first pair.

NanAZ said...

Awesome stuff! Can't wait to get a few of my things out...but I'll never catch up with you! You're the best at collecting.

Love ya, girl

Nicole T said...

That pie was not only adorable but also delicious!