Sunday, January 28, 2007

aqua eye candy

So, it's Sunday afternoon... Randy's out of town doing a concert... I went to early church so I could hurry home and catch the second half of the SUNS game on national television... they WON their 17th straight!!! Love my SUNS!!!
So now I'm on a mission... finding the March issue of Romantic Homes magazine featuring Alicia's (Posie Gets Cozy) lovely home. This time a 10 page spread plus that's her cover! And this time I'm going to spring for my own copy!
Borders... not this time.
Barnes & Noble ... nope.
Joann's... well, maybe, but first I notice pink tag items are an additional 75 % off. Humm... this makes me feel a tad better when I find no magazine. So I search out all the pink tag bins and start digging... and find the knitting needle tote (I have other plans for it), glass beads, gorgeous yarn (made in Italy) and a fun flowered pin!
You see my plan is to paint my craft room Posie's signature Behr's Rivers Edge... and then have little splashes of aqua here and there. So as I'm checking out at Joanns, the gal notices I have this color theme going on... I was in the 'aqua zone'! I had over $30.00 worth of aqua eye candy for only $1.93!!! I was one happy gal!
Last stop, Walmart Supercenter... I find out they don't stock the March issues for another week or so! I'll just have to wait...
Speaking of aqua eye candy... check out Alicia's dreamy slideshow called "Things that are aqua". Truly a visual feast!
Hey, I've been tagged by Tiff. Six weird things about me... coming up in the next post!


Teresa said...

I love all of your aqua things. I really like that green with it. If you paint your craft room, please show pictures! And i can't find the magazine yet either. I was really bummed out yesterday!

Teresa Sheeley said...

sorry bloggie didn't leave my link, let's try this...


Susan P. said...

Linda, thanks so much for stopping by my blog for a visit! I see that you are from Tempe, AZ. When I was in High School my father was transfered to a small town in Arizona called Safford! That was many, many years ago! LOL

Sandy said...

Hey, Linda! Almost 2 yrs. ago I painted my bedroom aqua and I get so many compliments on it! It is the same color as our pool outside. Very soothing to the eye.

So I am partial to the color :)

One Crabapple said...

Can't wait to see your room with the beautiful aqua touches !

I like your eye candy here !

Jennifer said...


Thanks for visiting my blog. I really love all your thrift store finds. And, yes, aqua . . . I'm going to painting our laundry room some shade of aqua. You must post pics after it's completed.


Heidi said...

Love that color! I am toying with the idea of redoing my bedroom this spring and using that same color! Don't know if I can get DH to go along with it, though! LOL

I finally got the Feb. Romantic Homes and I totally agree with that post where you said the articles and photos just didn't seem to do Alicia's house justice. I have the BHG mag but haven't read it yet, and I've been on the lookout for the new Romantic Homes with the big spread but haven't found it yet. The photos on her blog are just so much more vibrant. We're such groupies. :)

Leigh Ann said...

What fun stuff and such a bah-gain, too! I love aqua, too, ever since the red & aqua swap I was in.

Cheers! LA

Peta said...

Gorgeous, I love aqua. What great bargains you got!