Thursday, January 25, 2007


I love freebies!
I not only love freebies, but I love collecting old freebies... probably because I just happen to have quite a few from my childhood.
How cute is this freebie from the Northern Natural Gas Company! It's a portable clothes line that says "When you can't take your gas dryer along..."! And I love the pink salt n peppar shakers and the sweet rain bonnets in baskets!! Be sure to click these pics to enlarge!

Growing up I would send my film to Skrudland Photos and they would occasionally send me a little white Bible. Not only did I anxiously await the arrival of my 12 pictures but I delighted in finding this little Bible in with my pictures.
Before I met Randy in 1978, he worked at Monarch Tiles... this is the screwdriver they were giving away at that time.

I have several freebies from our local gas station, grocery store & tavern while I was growing up. I am reminded of Tommy & Bernice who ran the Grocery Store & Tavern in York... Vernon & Violet who ran the Gas Station in York... Mike Larson who hauled our milk. The framed thermometer has a 1957 calendar on the back that you flip down. I'm afraid if I flip it down, it could tear off, it is so fragile. York was a little town of around 30 people, just a mile down the road from our farm.

Who can forget the County Fair freebies... oh my gosh, that was 'freebie heaven'!
Remember the key chains, yard sticks, rulers, calendars, coin purses, bottle openers, pencils, and of course, the rain bonnets!
I still keep my eye out for those fun, unusual freebies that are still out there. I have such an appreciation for those little, small town businesses that gave away these gifts of appreciation... for doing business with them. Let's be sure to keep em in business!


mo said...

Ooooo I ahve that same little yellow rain cap in the tiny basket. My Grandma always had those and then I found one at a sale last year and was so very excited. Aren't they the sweetest? The little white bible with your pictures developed is so funny!

Heidi said...

What cute little treasures! I like finding things like this too, they have personality! I have the sweetest little child's mug from a furniture store somewhere in the a little town in Iowa. I love it!

Becca said...

very, very cute. the telephones are my favorite. The little rectangular things in the top two photos are pictures, right?

Deb said...

I love anything in miniature!
Your freebies are fabulous!

Sandy said...

Love the mini phones! Where do you store all of this? Someday your grandkids will have more fun playing with this kind of stuff than real toys :)

Anita said...

Freebies, very interesting indeed... and I just learnt a new English word. What a lovely collection you have, they look like littel treasures.

Hillside Garden said...

Linda, I have changed the blog, I had only trouble with the switch to beta.


lorenzstudio said...

What fun little items!

I did see your comment on my blog about your husband being in Yuma. How fun! My mom & dad are my only family left in Yuma and they are visiting in San Diego this weekend to celebrate my 30th birthday (!!) and their 40th wedding anniversary (!!!)

lorenzstudio said...

Thank you for the warm birthday wishes!

Peta said...

Linda, I love those little pretties and I adore that clothes line, would look fab holding greeting cards!
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