Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Speaking of movies... I did make my daughter Miranda watch "A Star is Born" with me the other night... and after all these years, I was NOT disappointed. Miranda liked it too. I was still so moved by the music, the characters, the storyline... and I just love Barbra's clothes! I remember liking her wardrobe then... and I still do. You gotta watch it just to see her clothes... so 70's, so today's fashion! And I really liked Kris as the lead. Did you know that Barbra offered the part to Elvis, but he declined and then died a year or so later... so sad.
So I was reminded of alot of memories associated with that time in my life. Like having such a desire to sing, to act, to be famous... I know, crazy thinking... a little farm girl wanting to make it big... ya, right. As I wrote in a past post, I did enter a local talent show and performed a medley of songs from the movie and got second place. Poor Miranda had to sit through the movie as I sang those songs...
Well, little did I know that soon after I would be moving to Phoenix, Arizona and my friend Linda and I would begin a ministry where we would sing just about anywhere, for anyone. Looking back, I think the very fact that we were two farm girls from Wisconsin in the big city, just doing what we love to do... was kinda odd and refreshing. We wrote all our own music... we played guitars... and our harmonys were effortless. We'd sit back and marvel as the words, the music and harmony parts just flowed out, as though empty vessels. It just came together so easy... like it was God's plan or something!
We would talk about recording our music someday, as a way to get our music out to more people, especially our loved ones back home. Well, one day a regular customer of Linda's, at her job as a waitress gave us $1000.00 for us to go into the studio and record our music! That was a lot of money back in 1978! In our innocence and naivete, we didn't worry and wonder how it would all happen... it just did. And we had a wonderful experience, met some wonderful people and God blessed the final product. Who knew!
So now I find myself looking back and longing to live that way... you know, out of my comfort zone, living on the edge, believing the impossible. I have gotten so comfortable with my life that I have forgotten how to live by faith... looking at every situation and opportunity and asking "what would Jesus do", looking to Him for insight, wisdom and courage.
So, I guess I could start like today. Ok then...

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