Monday, August 13, 2007

a year ago today...

... I posted for the very first time.

I was so scared and nervous and anxious... wondering what I was getting myself into. What would my blog be about? What would it look like? Well a whole year has come and gone and my blog is still evolving. I still desire to preserve the past and encapsulate the present by posting pictures and telling stories and expressing thoughts. But I have also ventured into posting my thrifty finds, craft projects and garden pics... and with plans for an Etsy shop in the foreseeable future. And I have been pleasantly surprised to discover that I look at life a little differently now. I have become more aware of the images that I want to preserve... the moments to remember... being more intentional, more purposeful... realizing that everyday has a story... whether expressed through an image or a conversation or a thought. I find I am more sensitive to my surroundings, being more aware of the significance of the moment or how it evokes a memory from my past.
Thank you for reading my blog, for hearing my heart and for your affirming comments. You have no idea how much that means to me. Thank you, thank you!
And what else... well, I had no idea that I would be introduced to bloggers from all over the world that daily inspire me to create and discover and believe and live life to the fullest. I am sewing again. I am discovering a passion for photography and writing. I am learning more about my computer. Heck, I'm learning period! I have not stretched my brain like this in years! It's exciting and challenging and humbling all at the same time.

Anyway, Randy and I arrived home safe and sound. And speaking of sound, we realized about an hour from home that we had not listened to music or radio the entire trip to and from CO. And I did not sleep or read the entire trip. I even brought several favorite magazines that I had been saving just for the trip! We are big on talking and listening and just being quiet in our thoughts. What a wonderful time of hearing each other, sharing our hopes and dreams for the future, processing life together. And with no interruptions! Ok, so maybe a phone call or two. But we ended up driving 12 straight hours to get home, with an occasional yard sale now and then... you know, to stretch the legs. But you wouldn't believe the number of sales we passed up! Torture, I tell you, torture!

These are a few of my favorite finds...

What is this? It is too big to be a clothespin holder... maybe for lingerie? Anyway, I love it!! The dresses are both pockets too. What should I do with it after I hang it with a hanger? Only paid a dollar.

The plastic tubing sewing basket was free. So cute and little.

Love the art work on the 'made in England' tin container. That and the aqua rag rug basket were both a quarter each.

My best find was at a yard sale in Monte Vista, CO... a big bag of vintage ric rac for a dollar!! I love all the colors and the various types of packaging. And was tickled to find a package of ric rac from J. C. Penney that originally sold for 8 cents!


Natasha said...

That rick rack looks great in the wire container!

I for one am glad you ventured into the blog world. Your sweet nature shines through your thoughts and ideas. It is always fun for me to see what you are up to and I so enjoy every word and picture. Heres to another year!!!Congrats!

Angie in AZ said...

Oh, I'm jealous of that rick-rack!
Hey, I NEED that thread catcher soon! I wished for it this past week while at my art retreat! It would have been so perfect! I told my girlfriend, Fran, about them and she wants one too. Oh, now, the real reason I'm contacting you is that I have gotten ahold of 7 vintage hats and want to know if you want them? I have pictures if you want to see.

Lizzie said...

Maybe instead of being a lingerie bag its a laundry tote? Whatever its original purpose, its adorable- I love it.

I have a set of pillowcases that has those same ladies on them. So sweet... I need to work on finding a place to display my vintage pillow cases. I don't have a bunch, so it shouldn't be that tough.

Glad you had such a nice drive home- introspection is a wonderful way to reconnect with our families, God, and ourselves.

Heidi said...

Has it really been a year? It's been a pleasure to get to know you over this past year, Miss Linda! :)

I love that you went to a yard sale in Monte Vista! Monte (as the locals call it) is 17 miles west of Alamosa, where my parents grew up and where my grandparents still live. Monte is also about 14 miles east of Del Norte, and our cabin is 3 miles west of Del Norte. I spent time at both our cabin and in Alamosa this last weekend, so Monte Vista is right in the middle. On our way to the cabin we stopped at a brand new thrift on main street in Monte Vista and bought a few things. I love the rickrack you found! The thrifting and yard saling around that area has scored me some pretty great stuff!

Catherine said...

Happy one yr. anniversary!! enjoyed your site!! :)

Sandy said...

I am honored to come and check up on ya from time to time! It's been great to peak into your life as you share. And FUN garage sale finds, too!
Welcome Home.

Becca said...

Bee-yootiful! James and I love stopping at thrift stores and yard sales when we travel as well. Once, we stopped at a trade days in North Alabama and it was all I could do not to buy a miniature goat!

Judy said...

Welcome home and congratulations on your blogs birthday!! I so enjoy your posts and look forward to the next one. I glad you had a lovely time in CO. We do have a beautiful state. Come back soon!! I love your treasures too. I got a HUGE plastic container of vintage rickrack and lace at an estate sale for $10.00 and I was so excited. It was fun going through everything when I got it home. Have a fun day!!

Nancy said...

Happy Blogging Birthday... and may you have many more! This is a fun and rewarding hobby and I enjoy coming by your blog for a visit especially to see your great finds. Keep up the great job you are doing for all of us.

NanAZ said...

Congratulations on your First Anniversary! I just looked up my first post and I already missed my first anniversary. It was August 9th! I'll have to blog a little about it. I'm glad you're posting because it's so fun to connect more regularly than we're able to get together. I really think it's funny that you even stop at yard sales on trips. Somehow, that's not even on my radar and I'm not sure Terry would be too excited about stopping, even though I'm sure he would if I asked. Of course, when I see those nice white tents at the Arts & Crafts fairs, I'm right there.

Keep up the great blogs. It's fun to check in and I miss it when you don't post for a few days.

see you there! said...

Congratulations of a year of blogging.

Love all your finds but the rickrack was tops for me. I recently found two pkgs at a thrift store for 10 cents each and I thought I had a bargain.


Anonymous said...

Oh I like the story of the begining of your blog! I remember being scared too. So congratulations and happy bloggday all in one :)

It's funny... if I hadn't seen people talking about tins on blogs, I would never have noticed them before! Now I can appreciate the gorgeous artwork on them too :)

Lori said...

I wholeheartivly agree on how we tend to be more a looker when we begin blogging! I know I too am greatful for the friends and experience of it all! Take care, Lori

Jennifer said...

Congratulations on your year of blogging. I really enjoy your blog.

I love your rick-rack find. You always seem to do so well thrifting.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Linda, I can't get by to see everyone as often since I started working, but congrats on one year blogging! I just got past 6 mos. & I know what you mean..mine is still evolving too, but it really has been so much fun meeting all you great girls out there. I know just what you mean about that!

What a fun time of yardsales you had! Glad you got to stop at some of hubby would have said NO!


Zoey said...

Hi Linda,
I have enjoyed tagging along on your adventures during the past year.

Every time I see rick rack at a garage sale, I think of you! It's amazing how pretty it looks in your unique containers.

I am looking forward to what the next blogging year will bring.

Sarah and Jack said...

I love, love the ladies. Even though it is big it screams clothes pin holder to me.

I would probably put it in my sewing and use it for holding scissors or fabric scraps or something like that.

see you there! said...

Me again. That "clothes pin" type bag has been on my mind. I just knew I'd seen something like that.

I think it is meant to hold your nightgown, neatly folded, and then it makes a little pillow that goes on the bed. That's why the ladies match ladies on pillowcases.

I know someone in my family had a similar thing.


Heidi said...

Happy blog-versary! Love that rick-rack. Great find.