Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Emolyn @ 5 months

I love to sing to my granddaughter Emolyn because she sings along with me. It's the cutest thing ever! See how she's 'ooh'ing a pretty song.
She is 9 lbs. and 5 months old today and practically perfect in every way. She is simply adorable.

Emolyn's Mommy found out that she actually broke her foot in two places last Friday. She will be in a walking boot for 6 weeks. Here is what a dedicated wife, mommy and nurse Nicole is. She actually worked 8 hours of a 12 hour shift on Saturday before they made her go for an X-ray and found out she had indeed broken her foot the day before.
Read more about it HERE.

I've got to tell you about Emolyn's Daddy, my son Shawn. He cares for his daughter while Nicole works those 12 hour shifts every weekend. He is amazing! He knows Emolyn's every cry... when she is hungry or tired or whatever the need may be. They have such a sweet bond already. He is truly Emolyn's favorite toy. Check out his Dadman post HERE. It's hysterical!
But it also says everything about who Nicole is... that she trusts Shawn implicitly. She knows that Emolyn will benefit by having both her parents involved in meeting her physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Randy & I are so deeply proud of how united they are in parenting and nurturing their sweet daughter.

Look at those eyes. Oh how she melts me.


Nicole T said...

Well I guess we will have to have more kids since we make such pretty ones! Thanks for encouraging us in our parenting, we just love her so much.

Skerrib said...

It's true...she's way cute.

Jan said...

She is just gorgeous! Amazing how our very own "kids" can become these wonderful, responsible adults right before our eyes! : )


NanAZ said...

She is a cutie. I can't wait till she joins the Thompson choir at Disneyland! Can you imagine what fun that will be?

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What big blue eyes you have! A a sweet name to boot.