Friday, July 18, 2008

I love raspberries!

Raspberries. Pure perfection. My favorite berry.
Is there anything more beautiful?! Is there anything tastier?! I think not.

Remember the pic below. This was taken at a roadside fruit 'n veggie stand in WI last October. My very favorite color combination... raspberry red & aqua blue. Hey, check out the resident fly who flew in for the photo op!

Hey everyone, go check out my dear friend Nancy's blog here. She has an awesome book give-away going on AND take the time to scroll down to check out her 50th birthday surprise weekend pics in Sedona! Happy Birthday Nancy!


Heidi said...

Raspberries are my absolute favorite fruit! I wish they weren't so expensive, or I'd eat them every single day! Honestly, if I had raspberries to eat every day I wouldn't crave candy or chocolate. I love them that much!

Love that photo with the turquoise baskets--gorgeous!

Nicole T said...

thanks for the link to Nancys blog! Mmm raspberries sound good on a hot day!

NanAZ said...

Yes, raspberries are my favorite as well. I wish we could grow them here.

Thanks Linda for posting about the book give-away. I've had some responses from a few old friends as well. I look forward to the drawing to see who gets the prize.