Thursday, August 14, 2008

simply aqua

I love aqua. So needless to say, I have an overabundance of aqua pics, and thought... why not feature those aqua pics in a post every now and then.
My favorite Pyrex refrigerator container is the aqua one of course. Very rare. But my dear, sweet, generous sister Ginny gave me her pink & aqua refrigerator containers, in which I am forever grateful! Thanks Gin!

I found this hatbox along with both of these aqua hats... for one dollar! Enlarge the pic so as to see the exquisite detail in the hat on the glass cloche.

My beloved aqua phone happens to be one of my most prized possessions. But it was not found at a yard sale, or a thrift store... umm, not even an antique store, or an eBay auction. Trust me, it's a great story! Read all about it HERE.

I knew pretty quick in my quest for Pyrex, that I was not going to be collecting any of the 'Cinderella' bowl Pyrex. It would just take up more room than the standard round Pyrex bowls. But then a couple years ago I saw this pattern... the aqua blue Cinderella bowl Balloon pattern. A Pyrex promotional from 1958. I absolutely loved the color, pattern and design! But like I said before, it would have to find me, when I least expect. And sure enough, I stop at a yard sale down the street one day and there it was... for one dollar!

I love vintage sewing notions and sewing baskets. So my aqua one is a favorite.

Yesterday I found this aqua ice cube tray at a thrift store for a quarter. Why not find other uses, when not freezing ice cube roses! And why not buttons!

Me & Emolyn. Emolyn in aqua. Precious is she.

Hey, I actually featured aqua in earlier posts while we were in CA HERE and CO HERE. Check them both out!


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I have a red phone that I love... Your aqua blue phone is priceless!

kristen said...

you have the cupcake placemats I so desperately want but I now can't get...ugh! love aqua too!

Sandy said...

I think I've told you before, my bedroom is that color. I love it too.
Sweet baby Emolyn could wear ANY color. Oh she is getting soooo cute.
hugs Linda!

Gina said...

Drooling over all your aqua filled photos, wonderful! Love them all!