Thursday, April 30, 2009

59th Wedding Anniversary

59 years ago today my Mom & Dad were married... April 29, 1950. They were successful dairy farmers till they retired 20 years ago, raised three sons and three daughters, and served their community well. I am so proud of them and how they have grown old gracefully. They have inspired me to take care of myself and remain active. Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

64 years ago today Dachau Concentration Camp in Germany was liberated... April 29, 1945. And my Dad was there.

Last week Miranda toured the concentration camp while she was in Germany visiting her cousin Matt & his wife Sylvia and little Elijah (Matt is in the Air Force in Frankfurt) Be sure to read about her experience HERE. So powerful and moving. And she actually posted it on the 64th Anniversary of the liberation of Dachau.

Shortly after my Dad joined the Army, WWII ended. So General Eisenhower ordered all the new soldiers to be a witness to the devastation and horror found in the concentration camps. Eisenhower basically said that the world would not believe what we have seen. So he wanted as many as possible to testify to the brutality, the atrocity and inhumanity.

My Dad was one of those young soldiers. He was there 64 years ago. And he never really talked about it till just a few years ago.

Thank you Dad, for serving our country in that way. Your love and loyalty to your country will be passed on for generations. I am so proud that you're my Dad.


Amy T Schubert said...

amazing .... thanks for sharing about your dad.

NanAZ said...

Thanks Linda! What a beautiful tribute to them.

Lori said...

Linda, Congrats to your parents and so utterly unbelieveable for Dad to have been there. Loved your trip but still in awe of the Kath store endlessly!!!! Lori