Monday, June 15, 2009

monday musing

~ Nicole & Emolyn got home Thursday from Mexico. The three of us spent Friday visiting Mamaw in Surprise. Emolyn is so dang cute! And she loves lipstick. (the Fisher Price brand)

~ My guys are home. Shawn & Tyler flew home on Saturday. Randy drove home, surprising me last night by getting in a day early. I heard the garage door go up... I flew out of bed and ran outside to greet him. He looked so handsome and healthy. I had missed him terribly!

~ Randy weened himself off caffeine while in WI. He normally drinks gallons of diet coke all day long. Sooo proud of him.

~ He got a killer migraine in the process.

~ Miranda text me yesterday from Italy. Asking for prayer. They had missed their connection to Athens, Greece because of flight delay. They had no idea how they would get to Athens in time to board their cruise ship this morning. I prayed all day. They finally got a late flight... got to their hostel... slept a bit... boarded the boat this morning for a 4 day cruise. Thank you Lord.

~ I'm done. This communicating through email, fb chat, skype, blog and now texting is getting old. Real old. I want her home. Face to face. The old fashion way of communicating. Talking.

~ She'll be home a week from tonight. That's good cuz like I said, I'm done. Sigh...

~ Watched Pure Country last night for like the dozenth time and cried my eyes out. Here's the deal... George Strait is by no means an actor... but it doesn't matter, the story is so good and the secondary actors are so well cast and I love the ending.

~ Watched Broken Bridges for the first time last night on CMT. With Toby Keith and Kelly Preston. Loved it!

~ Do you see a theme? Yes, I'm a country girl through and through.

~ The 99 cent double cheeseburgers at Carl's Jr. are truly the best bang for your buck at the moment.

~ This pic has me aching for a pie at the Norske Nook in Osseo, WI. The guys went twice while back there.

~ And this pic has me missing the ole mighty Mississippi.

~ Oh, and just as I was about to post, I get this text-

Sorry to tell you this... but I'm not coming home but instead will be living in Mykonos, Greece. It's beautiful here! Love, Miranda

I can see why... (when I googled Mykonos, this image appeared. How cool that a cruise ship is in the pic!)


Amy T Schubert said...

I REALLY want to book a destination Greece wedding .... can't wait.

Nicole T said...

we had a great time at Mamaws.

NanAZ said...

Good to hear all your guys are home! Good for Randy on the caffeine. Of course he probably would have been better off if he cut down over a month rather than a week. He probably could have avoided the headache. Well, it's great that he's off the stuff now. Hope he can keep it up.

After seeing Mama Mia, I fell in love with Greece and that part of the Mediterranean. I can see why people want to live there. It's gorgeous! Glad to hear that they made it on time and that she's coming home soon. I'll bet that she'll always have an itch to travel now that she's seen some of the world. Hope she continues to get chances to do that.

Keetha Broyles said...

Did you boys text you that pie picture?

I'll be heading up there in a couple of weeks - - -

Lori said...

Mamaw lives in Surprise? So does my son Michael! Gosh you were there, near him! Sniffle-sniffle. Saturday will be one year since he's been home, miss him so much! Now as for Greece, my that young lady is well traveled! So lucky! enjoy the weather in AZ for me! Love,Lori