Friday, August 07, 2009

praying mantis

A couple of our Mesquite trees lost major limbs during our last monsoon storm and Randy has spent the last couple weekends cutting down both trees. I know! In 110 degree heat. I know! He's crazy. And he still has a lot more work to do. Hey Honey, it ain't gettin done with you just sitting there.
I know. I'm heartless.

So I'm thinking photo op. And I start snapping away. But then I see Tyler looking at something?

Do you see what Tyler found in the bird bath?

A Praying Mantis. And I'm thinking... an even better photo op.

Praying mantis have very sensitive eyes that move in an 1800 angle and they can see predators at a distance of 60 feet.

The female praying mantis is known for her particular habit of biting the head off her partner while they are mating.

But you probably didn't need to know that.


Linda said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog. Now I must look up the vintage travel trailers - too cute! You have a wonderful eye for photography - thank you for sharing with all of us out here (in my case in Texas).

Nancy said...

I'm glad you turned the lens on the praying mantis -- Randy needed some rest. Now I hope you get some shots of the bulk garbage pick-up workers when they see your pile of branches.

Stephanie said...

I'm so sorry you lost the trees, Linda. My heart goes out to Randy working in the heat. (Unfortunately, been there, done that. Mesquites are very dense and extraordinarily heavy.) But the mantis pictures are exquisite, and your comments are even better---especially the last one! Thanks for making me smile!

NanAZ said...

Keep that mantis happy! I remember in Ohio there used to be a fine for killing them because they are so valuable to agriculture. They're strange looking creatures but God loves them too.

Sorry for Randy having to do all that work outside. Terry does the same thing. It definitely makes me thankful that I have a husband who's willing to do that. There's NO WAY I could be out there in the summer.