Wednesday, December 16, 2009

deck the halls

This year we combined my birthday dinner with decorating the tree. This is by far the latest we've ever decorated for Christmas. The flood/remodel pushed everything back, making me feel that I am in a constant state of catch-up. And now this family gathering is proving to be more significant than ever, because earlier that day I found out that my Dad is nearing the end of his life here on earth. And we may be traveling to Wisconsin and we have no idea when that will be. We are waiting on the Lord for His plan, His provision and quite frankly His peace. I am feeling very anxious and overwhelmed... but so thankful to be surrounded by my precious family. I needed them more than ever last night.

And this little lamb pulled through big-time. She had me smiling and laughing all night. She would ooh'n'aah at every ornament. She loved her great-aunt Patty's ornament that Emolyn's great-great-great-Aunt Ruth made many years ago. What a precious family heirloom. Randy's sister Patty died when she was 18, so it means so much to be entrusted with some of her special ornaments.

And did she ever love the Hallmark light & motion train ornament that we bought over 20 years ago.

She was mesmerized watching it go round 'n round the little mountain village.

And so was I............. watching her.

Miranda and one of her favorite vintage ornaments that we lovingly dubbed the "Battlestar Galactica" ornament.

Shawn's favorite is the Sugar Bear ornament, free inside a box of Super Sugar Crisp cereal in 1990. A few years ago the battery finally died, so we gathered around Sugar Bear and performed open battery surgery. The new battery took and I quickly sewed him back up and he was good to go... you know, to play music. We also surprised Shawn & Nicole a couple year ago with their very own Sugar Bear that we found on Ebay.

My favorite ornaments are the ones that the kids made in school with their school pictures adorning the ornament. Often times I would frame their pictures myself and hang on the tree... this one being Tyler's 1st grade picture.

Mimi sure loves this little girl.

And yes, she kissed her fair share of Santa's, Winnie the Pooh's and Mickey Mouse ornaments last night. She is so affectionate.

I love this one of Emolyn and her Pop pop. They simply adore each other.

Thank you Shawn & Nicole for cooking me a fantastic birthday dinner. Oh my gosh, the best chicken recipe ever!

Emolyn loves to get on her Mommy's cell and jabber on and on to well, nobody really. She has quite the imagination. And yes, that is the sunken living room that was full of water 6 weeks ago and now look at it! I love the carpet we chose. So warm & cozy.
Sure hope you're having many warm & cozy days leading up to Christmas.


Karen said...

Linda, you truly have a lot going on in your life. I'm praying for your dad and for you as you get through this period in life.
Love your pictures!!
Ladybug Creek

brandi said...

I just love Emolyn and her Kisses. So adorable!

Laurie said...

Oh, Emolyn is so adorable, she just kills me! The pics you take of her really capture her personality, she is at such a great age.

NanAZ said...

Hey girl, continuing to pray for you...

looks like your carpet is nearly the same color as ours. Is it?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if we have any of the same ornaments? I was in class with Shawn for several years and my brother Joey was in class with Miranda. :)

Happy Holidays!
(I am the girl who ran into you at Pioneer Woman's book signing!)

Anonymous said...

We were so inspired by your sugar bear story. Ours has been named "hangover bear". He is on deaths door with one foot in the grave. Knowing about your successful surgery has given us hope for many more holidays.