Monday, February 01, 2010

Aunt Miranda & Mem

Miranda loves teaching her little niece catchy little songs with the sweetest of motions. I'm not sure which one I delight in watching more. They both melt my heart. I get all emotional remembering Miranda at Emolyn's age belting out Tomorrow from Annie... or Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious from Mary Poppins. I'm serious, she sang every word. OK, it was rather muddy, but you got the jist. She would sing with such joy and passion. And so does Emolyn. You give her a mic and she will make up the cutest songs and be so serious and dramatic about her delivery. Just cracks me up.
This morning I am grateful that I get to be a Mom & Mimi to these lovely girls.


Amy T Schubert said...

**psst** Supercaliblahblahblah is from Mary Poppins. Do-a-Deer is from Sound of Music.

Miranda said...

haha... I look horrible in all of those pictures! But thanks for posting about me and Mem

Judi said...

Love this series of photos of Miranda and Emolyn. I can almost hear them singing together.

Miranda, I think you look cute in them all!

Linda, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog post about how emotional it was for me to go through the appraisal of my Mom's "estate". That meant a lot.

Laurie said...

Oh, that Emolyn just KILLS me - she is such a character, so cute and such a personality, it shines through in her photos. Just darling.