Wednesday, February 10, 2010

thank you Debbie!

My dear friend Debbie from MY VINTAGE DAYDREAMS sent me the sweetest gifts! She knows my love of all things aqua and sent me this gorgeous vase. I love it! And then I open up the box that says Southern Living at Home and I could not believe my eyes! Inside were two of their signature square plates!! Oh my gosh, and what a beautiful shade of aqua! Thank you sooo much Debbie. We both share a love of decorating using thrifted vintage finds. I am so envious of the amazing treasures she uncovers at thrift stores and flea markets throughout CA. Thanks Debbie!


Debbie Kay said...

You are a treasure of a friend Linda. So glad you are enjoying the "aqua" treasures I sent with all my love.

Debbie Kay

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I love aqua too! What gorgeous plates. They just say spring.

When you make your buntings I want to see! :)

Lili had a great idea to also make a matching bag to keep it in.

Anonymous said...

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