Thursday, April 28, 2011

pre-photo styling madness

This will be the site of my first photo stylizing shoot. And that would be my handsome husband standing in for me while I check the lighting.
Remember when I told you about my latest hobby here? Well, I'm going for it. Tomorrow night.
I've been scouring the desert for weeks, for just the right feel and literally found the perfect site at the entrance to South Mountain Park. I didn't want green grass or trees... in fact I would have preferred less color here, but I think it will work. We're shooting during the golden hour and I can hardly wait!
Oh and my lovely subjects will be my two granddaughters and their Mommy.
Here's a little sneak peek into the makings of such a shoot or in the life of one unorganized homemaker. I have twice ripped my house apart looking for a certain item that I wanted on the set. And I mean literally destroying my home. But guess what? I end up not only finding said object, but other items that I thought were gone for good.
Also in the making of this shoot, I have created future shoots as emolyn & elsie get a tad bit older. Wait till you see them come to fruition!
All to say, I am good to go. I'm excited. I have a van load of props and baskets and stools and chairs... oh and a tambourine. Yes, a tambourine. Not only for my daughter to use to keep the girls looking at the camera... but emolyn loves this old tambourine and I plan to have it in a few silly shots.
Looking forward to giving you a sneak peek after the shoot!


a said...

can't wait to see!

Amy T Schubert said...

um. That was me. Oops.