Thursday, January 26, 2012


~ Emolyn says the darndest things ~ 
in which I will occasionally post about under the title "emolysms"

While mending a Princess dress for Emolyn, I realized I had run out of thread in the bobbin and yelled out "Oh no, I've been sewing without thread in the bobbin!" Emolyn yelled back from the kitchen "It's ok Mimi, everyone makes mistakes! Just don't give up!" Oh my gosh, she's 3!

Emolyn wants to be a singer like Taylor Swift when she grows up. So the other day I said "Just think Emolyn, someday you could have Elsie on stage with you either dancing or singing with you". She immediately replied "No Mimi, Elsie's going to be a waitress." Elsie's 1.

When you ask Emolyn what color her eyes are, she says "basil". How cute is that! Because quite frankly, they really are more basil than hazel. ha!

When Emolyn's mommy asked Emolyn how she decorated the picture frame she made at Family Camp over the summer, Emolyn says "with a hot air balloon gun". Omg, too funny!

The other day Emolyn was helping Elsie say Miranda ~ "elsie, say MIR- WANDA". ha!

Emolyn is spending the night with her Mimi & Pop pop tonight. She loved sleeping in her Fairy House last week when she spent the night. Oh and she now pretends she has a boyfriend, rather than a husband. On the way to our house after preschool last week, she told me that her boyfriend and his 5 sisters were also going to spend the night at our house. Oh and just so you know, her boyfriend is 5. This girl cracks me up!

Emolyn loves to pretend that she is hosting a cooking show in our backyard.
Seriously, the girl can talk food. She's like a little Rachael Ray. And she knows her herbs and spices like nobodies business. But then again, she happens to have parents that are excellent cooks.
Ok, so I'm thinking I need to get a little YouTube video of her cooking ~ and just you watch ~ it will go viral and she will be discovered and you can say you saw it here first. ha!


    Deb said...

    Too cute! I remember my oldest (now 33) used to say "pestrollians" for pedestrians.

    Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

    Very cute little girl!
    I love the outdoor pic of her cooking away, so sweet!
    How's the weather your way Linda? I think I may be coming to visit the first week of March.
    Hope to see you,

    Laurie said...

    She kills me! Thanks for sharing, she is such a cutie-pie!

    Laurie S.

    Nancy said...

    Love little Emolyn! I'd love to hear the rest of some of those conversations, like why is Elsie going to be a waitress? I hope you're recording all these in a permanent way so you can all look back on them later. I'm amazed at how much of the cute stuff from the kids has slipped my mind over the years.