Wednesday, May 02, 2012

a mantel & mason jars

My Scandinavian-inspired mantle makeover really got my creative juices flowing ~
in that I could hardly wait to do another. And what do you suppose was my inspiration this time? The huge metal letter "L" that I found at a yard sale for $2.00. I already had the copper "R", the metal mesh "&" and the iron "L"... but the large "L" enabled me to layer and stack.
(Oops, poor Mrs. McGillicutty is still sporting her Scandinavian wool sweater. She will surely need a spring makeover today... and I know just the dress.)

I also wanted to incorporate the vintage red level that I found in Wausau last October at a yard sale for $5.00. I adore levels, but to have Milwaukee, Wis. on it made it extra special. But get this, when I got to the Wausau airport, they had to get special clearance for me to take it on board as a carry-on. Yes, it's considered a "tool", so technically it should have gone in checked baggage. Seriously, this wooden level is of no threat to the crew. Some of the spiky/ platform shoes I see women wear could do more damage than this. ha!

I've had this old, vintage green tool box for years and just now realized that my smaller Mason jars fit inside perfectly... along with my vintage chalk boards, chalk and chalkboard eraser. Oh and two popper guns and my "Jesus Calling" book. I know, a rather strange combination.
Anyway, that got me thinking about the time we took those popper guns up north in our Cozy Cottage on Wheels and Emolyn had the best time popping them at our camp site on the Rim. You can see for yourself ~ HERE.

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