Monday, May 21, 2007

sewing desk & fabric

It's perfect!
Remember I said I was going to be looking for the perfect sewing table for my craft room, to replace the folding white table that sags when I place my HEAVY machine on it. Well, went to IKEA 'as is' and found this computer desk for $25.00 and it's perfect for my machine and for my wooden sewing tray (where the keyboard would go)! The best part... when I want to use the table for something else, I can store the machine below! Ooh, forgot the other best part, it's on rollers!! I can roll my heavy machine anywhere I want on my wonderful commercial grade carpet! And there's more! When AMY was over for our scrapping day on Saturday, she pointed out that when guests need room to sleep on our Aerobed I can roll the desk under the counter!! See pic below. How cool is that!! Thanks AMY!
*** Several of you have asked how close I am to an IKEA. A mile down the road! Yes, very dangerous! But I only shop 'as is'. So I can actually park, walk through 'as is' and back out to my car in 5 minutes... that is, if I don't find anything that suites my fancy.

I am loving all the colorful paper lanterns I am seeing for summer. So on the way home from church yesterday I see this lantern at a yard sale, I pull over and 25 cents later it's all mine!

Like I said, I rarely go to Goodwill unless it is half-off day. But I happened to make a Friday stop and LOOK what I found! Bundles of FAT QUARTERS!! BUNDLES of BEAUTIFUL FAT QUARTERS! And they had the original designer labels on each bundle for $7.99. I got them for $2.99 each!! I am thinking fabric on a cake stand (50 cents) is just about as yummy as cupcakes with sprinkles... I said 'just about'...


Sandy said...

I'm jealous, we don't have an IKEA or even one close by!
Love it!
Good finds, too.
I commented back to you on my blog re the salad you made! Glad it turned out and everyone loved it.

Lizzie said...

OK, I am completely in awe that you would find such a novel use for a vintage milk glass cake stand as to store and display fat quarters!!! Thats my very favorite picture today, and I LOVE that look. What a nice way to display your vintage kitchenware, too!

Amy said...

How old is your sewing machine? It looks very similar to mine. And what a good find on those fat quarters :-)

Jane said...

Oh your craft room is so inspiring! I used to go to thrift shops in college and then sort of stopped when I graduated. Now, I have rediscovered it here in LA and I am totally loving it! It's all the better because of the many blogging pals who share the obessesion!

The Urban Chic said...

I just found your blog through Smoochie and I just love the way you use vintage items as storage. Might have to "borrow" some of your ideas, even though I have an entire system of Store in Style cubes. I have a similar cabinet that I bought from Joannes and I love yours also. Wish mine rolled under my desk.

Natasha said...

oh such great inspiration in your room. The fat quarters are a great find and look wonderful on that cake stand!!