Monday, July 22, 2013

Wisconsin Songs songbook

Last weekend I checked out a new thrift store next door to the ARC in Tempe.
And I found this songbook for $1.00. 
I know, I was shaking a tad bit when I picked it up...

... and saw that the copyright was 1915.

The first edition copyright was in 1898.
This one is the fourth edition.
Good to know I didn't pay more than the original Price per Copy. :)

I've enjoyed looking through the song list... 
to name just a few ~

Victorious Badgers
A Wisconsin Song
Wisconsin Co-ed Song
We're Loyal To You, Illinois (that's strange)
Let's Drink To Old Wisconsin

and what's a Wisconsin songbook without ~
Polly - Wolly - Doodle

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tyler's move to WI

My sons Shawn & Tyler are headed to the farm in Wisconsin!
And I just got a text saying they are almost there. So very thankful they made it safely!

I'm posting the most current photo of the farm that my niece recently posted on Facebook,
of her darling daughter Preslie playing on the swing set. 
Oh the hours I spent swinging on that very swing set while growing up on the farm. Only back then the swings were made from slats of wood. Ouch.

Shawn & Tyler took off Saturday morning and drove from Phoenix to the farm in two days! The farm is 40 miles south of Eau Claire off I-94. That's almost 2000 miles in two days!

And thank God they made it. Or I should say, thank God Tyler's '98 Honda Civic made it!

They will be staying at my brother Ron & Deb's cabin...

... that overlooks the 350 acre farm.
When you click to enlarge the image you can see their 90' blue Harvester silo in the distance.

They will have all day Monday to hang out with their Uncle Gary. My brother will take them around to their favorite spots and they will have the best time making memories. Then Tyler will take Shawn to the airport in Minneapolis Tuesday morning, and head back to my sister Ginny's home in Eau Claire where he will get settled in their vintage Airstream out back, while looking for work and eventually a place of his own.

Thursday night we had a Farewell Family Dinner at Miranda & Aaron's home.
We affirmed Tyler by reminding him of his many strengths, and all that we love about him, and how much he means to us, and that he is such a good, good man. Then we prayed that God would show him every day that he is right where he should be... and that Tyler would let God lead him through chance opportunities, open doors, new friendships, the good times and not so good times... that Tyler's faith would grow.

I am so proud of him for stepping out in faith and becoming more independent,
but also becoming more dependent on God.
I will miss him terribly. But SO excited to see how his adventure unfolds.

Even though I was sobbing at this point, I managed to snap a few photos as he was pulling away Friday evening. He was spending the night with his brother so they could leave first thing Saturday morning. I was a complete mess, but so happy for the journey he was about to embark on.

No matter what happens ~ whether he is gone for the summer, or 2 years or 2 decades ~
he is forever a part of us. We're his family and we will support him in whatever he chooses to do with his life. We love you Tyler!

Friday, July 12, 2013

my online resale business

The very first Estate Sale I ever did was for my husband's Aunt Evelyn. We're talking many years ago. And this here old wicker laundry basket didn't sell, so I took it home. It's very large and very vintage and in very good condition. And while I could have gotten way more on eBay, I chose to post it on Craig's List and got $25.00. But here's the cool part, I sold it to the nicest gal. She had just moved here and was looking for treasures online. I was way more happy that she got it, than had I gotten more from some random bidder on eBay. That's what I love about Craig's List. I have yet to have a bad experience. In fact, every customer could easily become my new best friend. I am not even kidding.

I recently listed this Rock Tumbler for a friend and got $75.00. Again, a great experience.

And then just an hour ago I sold this king-size chenille bedspread to the nicest lady ever. Again, I could have easily doubled my money on eBay, but instead settled for $75.00 so I could meet the one who would love and cherish this gorgeous, fluffy cotton chenille bedspread. And what a dear precious lady.
And so far, I might have hugged everyone that has ever bought from me on Craig's List. ha!

I still have this cabinet/ cupboard (below) listed on Craig's List for $25.00. I bought it many years ago at the JC Penney Outlet Store here in Tempe, with plans to paint or stain. But I never did. But let me tell you, I have gotten years of use, functioning in more ways than you could imagine ~ telephone stand, storing phonebooks, electronic games, greeting cards and stationery, a message center and much, much more.
Let me know if you want to come check it out!

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

a summer cocktail

Ok, it all started when I went to Big Lots for english muffins and saw that they had Welch's grape juice on a clearance table for 25 cents each. For reals. Click the pic and see for yourself.
And then I found the can of Mulling Spices buried in the back of my pantry. Yes, it's at least three years old but who cares. Well, upon reading the directions, it says to add the spices to grape juice, simmer for 20 minutes and then strain through cheese cloth. You can either make it a hot drink or store in the frig for a summer iced drink... 

... by adding rum
Ok, so they maybe suggested you add rum.
Well, that's when I remembered I bought a bottle of rum years ago to make The Pioneer Woman's Christmas Rum Cake. Remember that recipe? Oh my gosh, the best rum cake on the planet!
So I find the bottle of rum (and hope it's still good) 
and commence to making me a spiced apple iced rum drink.

And let me tell you what ~ so SO good! 
And you know what else? The cost for this strangely concocted cocktail only set me back a cool 25 cents! Haha!

Monday, July 08, 2013

garage transformation

I should probably begin this post by telling you that here in the desert southwest we don't have basements, nor do we dare store anything in our attics. Needless to say, our garages serve many purposes. One of which rarely includes storing a vehicle. I know. Doesn't make much sense does it. Especially when you realize that the most expensive thing we own is parked outside in the hot, blazing sun, while the total contents (of crap) parked inside our garage adds up to a sum total unworthy of such digs. 
Nine years ago I did make room for our van just days before my son's wedding. My family from Wisconsin was coming and the thought of them getting inside a van that had been sitting out in the sun and most likely registering over 200 degrees, did not sit well with me. So I worked my butt off. Literally. But unfortunately short-lived, cuz soon after the wedding, the van ended back outside again.

Well, we are now a one-vehicle household. So that got me thinking that we really need to be better stewards of what we've been given. So for the past three days I've gone through every bin, bag and box... purging, sorting and reorganizing every nook 'n cranny. And yes, it was well over 100 degrees inside that garage. But I survived by drinking gallons of water. And another part of my incentive was to find things that our son Tyler might be needing in his upcoming move to Wisconsin.
But seriously,  the best part of all ~ getting inside a van that doesn't take several miles to finally cool off enough so you don't think you're going to be the first person that actually melts to death. Best. Feeling. Ever.

Monday, July 01, 2013

heroes remembered

Nathan & Jonah were dressed in their patriotic red, white & blues in church yesterday. So of course I had to whip out my iPhone and snap a few photos.

And then I find out that Jonah is walking! Oh my goodness, he thinks he's so cool.

Nathan isn't the least bit interested... he's more verbal of the two.

But my heart is heavy and sad this morning. 
19 elite hotshot firefighters from Prescott, Arizona died in the Yarnell wildfire yesterday.
I can't imagine...
Praying for the family, friends and firefighting community that are grieving the loss of these brave young men.