Monday, August 29, 2011

Aussie bungee jumping


My daughter Miranda is heading home today. And I can hardly wait to get her back on US soil! And yes, that would be my daughter bungee jumping in Australia. And yes, I've watched the video 4 times and cried every single time. But thank God she had the foresight NOT to tell her mother she was planning such a thing. Or else, I might have... well, I don't know what I would have done. Maybe curled up on the couch watching The Housewives of New Jersey marathon till I received word she was safe and sound.
Anyway, I have plans to post the video when she gets home... so your heart can race at speeds unnatural to human nature... and weep with joy as she defies all odds and lives... you know, as though you didn't know the outcome. Kinda like watching Apollo 13. I've watched that movie a dozen times and I still get all hot and sweaty and emotional as the drama unfolds. Seriously, like I don't know how it ended?
SO, be sure to check out Miranda's blog. She's already posting about her adventures in Australia... with many more in the works I'm sure.
Oh, and she boards her plane in Sydney 1 PM Monday and arrives in Phoenix 1 PM Monday. Pretty scary if you ask me. (ok, she boards 8 PM Sunday night our time :)

*** Just realized I could link you to her video on facebook!!! ***
Enjoy! ~ Click HERE and turn up the volume!

Friday, August 26, 2011

handmade quilts tops

As you can imagine, I really miss my favorite little thrift store.
I mean, where else can you find deals like these...
handmade quilt tops for under five dollars each!

Ok, maybe I need to re-emphasis my point here ~ hand-made quilt tops.
As in, made-by-hand ~ needle 'n thread only quilt tops.
Another words ~ no electricity was involved in the making of these quilt tops!

For the life of me, I can't imagine taking on such a task.
Not to mention the hours of tedious measuring and cutting and placement
 of each and every fabric square!

I am simply in awe of the artistry that goes into such meticulous craftsmanship.

If I were the creator of this quilt, 
I would want to know that my work was in the hands of someone that appreciated
the hours of love and devotion I invested in bringing about its completion. 

Well, I do. And I often run my fingers over the perfectly placed stitches
and imagine the conversations had ~ the stories told ~ the dreams envisioned.

Even though I am not privy to its past ~
I will accept the responsibility for its future ~
and make it the family heirloom that it was always intended to be.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

32 years together

32 years ago today I became Mrs. Randy Thompson.
Little did I know that 2 months after this photo was taken (Christmas 1978)
Randy would ask me to marry him.
We had dated for 6 months and we were engaged for 6 months.

Our wedding cost a grand total of 600 dollars and I have every receipt to prove it.
We're talking my dress, the rings, his tux, cake & flowers.
So thankful that Randy's brother Barry gifted us with the photography
and my sister Kathy made the bridesmaid dresses.
We had 100 guests in attendance and I loved every single moment of that day.
I wouldn't change a thing.

Randy & I went into full-time ministry a year after we were married
and we've been in full-time ministry in one capacity or another ever since.

I also wouldn't change a single thing about these past 32 years.
We have lived years with little and years with much...
always praying that we would to be content in whatever situation we were in.

I am blessed with more than I ever dreamed.
Although I never dreamed I was worthy of such blessings.
But I am ~ because I am a daughter of The King ~
and married to someone that makes me feel like a Princess every single day.
(the Disney pictures were taken a year ago)

Monday, August 22, 2011

vintage travel bags

I have a weakness for vintage travel bags.
So when I see the perfect one at my new favorite little thrift store (ARC in Tempe), I couldn't pass it up. 
Seriously, it's perfect. Whenever we hit the road, I always grab a pile of magazines, my journal books, writing pads, reading books, Bible, study material, etc. And who doesn't look for the perfect bag that stands upright and that you can carry in one arm, rather than in crates that requires both hands. Hey, when you're unloading a van at 115 degrees, you want each load to count!
And the bag was only $2.50! 
And my favorite color. Raspberry red!

And then I remembered that I also had a vintage make-up train case. The exact same color. SO, back outside for another photo shoot. And then while researching Royal Traveler, I find out they were made by Samsonite. Ok, that makes sense.

But it gets creepier. I remembered I had yet another train case. An American Tourister train case. The exact same color. Back outside for yet another photo shoot. And then it occurs to me... does this constitute a collection? Or an intervention? Don't answer.
Anyway, while researching American Tourister I stumbled upon THIS American Tourister commercial from 1971. It happens to be one of the longest running commercial ads ever. And I can see why! Do you remember it? It must have been so ingrained in the recesses of my mind... that when we married in 1979, I insisted we buy American Tourister. We kept that aqua blue piece until recently, when we sold it at a yard sale. 

Just so you know, I bought each train case at thrift stores for under $5.00... and I store project ideas in each case. The makeup trays are so handy for small objects and tools for each project. I love creative storage and these train cases are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. And as you witnessed from the commercial ~ pretty darn indestructible! haha!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

emolyn loves accessorizing

Emolyn is everything and more than I could have ever dreamed in a granddaughter.
From the moment she steps through our front door, we play and play. 
She had me french braid her hair the other day
because she was going to a birthday party. I was in heaven. 

She loves pretending. And she loves accessorizing. 
And because she loves wearing glasses so much,
I popped the glass out of a pair of reading glasses I had and gave them to her.
And it's the first thing she puts on when she finds them waiting for her in her kitchen.

She pretends to get several text messages from her "husband" throughout the day,
telling her what time he will be getting off work.
He works at "donations"... and for the life of us we can't figure out what he does.

She loves pouring over my jewelry boxes.
She found this toe ring and it instantly became her "wedding" ring.
Later she said "Mimi, where did my husband buy me this ring? It's SOOO beautiful!"
She later said "I know, he bought it at Target!".

She also found an old locket that had pictures of my Mom & Dad inside.
After I told her who they were, she said very dramatically ~
"Oh Mimi, I would love to wear that necklace with a picture of my great grandma!" 
Oh and she also reminded me that elsie will not be calling me Mimi.
She will be calling me Grandma. And emolyn will call me Mimi.
And that's that. End of story.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

this & that

  • Miranda awoke to a laughing Kookaburra her first morning in Australia. Needless to say, I have had the Kookaburra song stuck in my head ever since.
  • I just read my husband's latest blog post... about unresolved issues and forgiveness. Both of which I am grappling with big-time. Please take the time to read it.
  • I recently lost 20 lbs. I know, I'm as shocked as the rest of you. I've been 10 lbs. overweight for years... but gained another 10 after my Dad's passing a year and a half ago. 
  • I cut out carbonated beverages and butter the first two months. Made a huge difference.
  • And I've continued to make healthy choices. Thank you Lord.
  • I have yet to start exercising. I keep waiting for the weather to cool off. Not going to happen till Thanksgiving. That could be a problem.
  • Meadowbrook Farm recently posted about the zip line they built over the pond on their farm for their son's wedding... along with a few trash the dress images. So awesome.
  • watched Soul Surfer last night. Cried through the whole movie.
  • Miranda feeding a Kangaroo. She now wants one as a pet. 

    Sunday, August 14, 2011

    a wedding in Cornville

    I love everything about weddings. 
    And nowadays, they are so unique to the couple. So one of a kind, anything goes affairs.
    Unlike years ago, when everyone had that predictable, cookie-cutter wedding.

    Saturday we drove 2 hours to Cornville, AZ
    to attend Shane & Coley's wedding at the Living Water Retreat Center.
    Oh my gosh, one of the most breathtaking wedding venues ever!

    Everywhere you looked there were oodles of photo ops.
    And Emolyn wore the most darling vintage dress I've ever seen.
    Oh, and I found my lace blouse that very morning at a yard sale for one dollar!

    Elsie Lane in a turquoise smocked dress ~ well, it just about pushed me to my cuteness limit.

    Emolyn Kate needed a little lipstick touchup just moments before the ceremony started.
    Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do... to be at her utmost cuteness.

    Here's the coolest part of this wedding ~ the reception.
    We all brought our own picnic dinners and gathered around tables and blankets.
    And many signed up to bring delicious desserts to share.
    Good thing I took this picture, because my lemon bars were snatched up quickly.

    John & Beckie (Emolyn & Elsie's other set of grandparents) 
    set up their darling vintage travel trailer and served street tacos for everyone.


    Have I ever told how much I want to hang vintage colored globe lights 
    from the trees in our backyard patio? 
    Well, I do... and this one almost sent me over the edge with envy! 
    You can be sure I'll be pinning this on my Pinterest board immediately upon posting. 

    When we finally got ready to leave, the dance floor was a rockin'.
    As I was refilling my glass with lemonade for the trip home,
    I asked the bride if she was planning a trash the dress photo shoot.
    She whispered that her & Shane were planning on jumping in the pond later that night
    for that very reason! I can hardly wait to see those photos!

    I will leave you with these trash the dress google images that will blow you away!

    Saturday, August 13, 2011

    AZ Bloggers Luncheon

    Liz, me, Laura's daughter, Laura, Cindy, Marty and Ceekay

    Whenever my 4-H friend Cindy comes to town, we have a bloggers luncheon in her honor. So much fun gathering with these gals. We take forever to order because we're talking non-stop. Thankfully we had the sweetest waiter who took several group shots using each of our cameras. Hey, you know bloggers, we never go anywhere without our cameras.

    Cindy & I both have granddaughters born 10 months ago... one day apart.

    We celebrated Marty's birthday by sharing a slice of yummy cheesecake. 
    And The Cheesecake Factory serves up the best!

    Thank you Laura, for the exquisite french lavender-filled strawberry sachet pincushion 
    you made for each of us! Oh my gosh, smells divine!
    I couldn't wait to position it just so... in my bowl of vintage sewing trim.

    Be sure to click each blogger's name so you can view their lovely blogs!

    Friday, August 12, 2011

    Miranda's in Australia!

    My daughter Miranda arrived in Australia!
    I woke up at 5am this morning and she had posted this picture along with ~

    I've seen a crocodile in the wild, scrub turkeys, I've stood on the beach, 
    seen glimpses of the rainforest... I must be in Australia!

    And this here mama took a deep breath and gave thanks to the Lord!

    I am so excited for her! She is spending 2 weeks with her friend Phoebe,
    that she became best friends with while studying in England for 6 months in 2009.

    They have not been together since their last adventure in Greece. (below)
    I love this post ~
    when they got all weepy while being serenaded to "Let It Be" ~
    knowing they would be saying good-bye in a few days.

    Notice that Miranda brought along this hat (top pic)
    After Miranda says goodbye to Phoebe this time,
    she will be spending 4 days in Sidney.
    Please pray for her safety and that she experiences blessings around every single corner!

    Wednesday, August 10, 2011

    camping gadgets

    Check out the latest S'More maker!
    My daughter-in-law Nicole bought us this cool gadget for the camping trip.
    And it was a smash hit :)

    Think about ~ the grahams, marshmallows and candy bars are all roasted over a fire.
    And I'm telling you, so much better than just a roasted marshmallow
    between a boring graham cracker & chocolate bar.

    We made our S'Mores with peanut butter cups,
    but you can also use chocolate bars or cookies 'n creme bars.

    Ok, I gotta come clean here, camping is not for the faint of heart. You gotta be ok with communing with nature when nature calls. You gotta be ok with no running water... and waking up to bad hair. Thus the cap. I have noticed over the years that campers wear caps. Well duh, it's to hide bad hair. It covers a multitude of faux pas. So I dug around my closet and found this cap. And I wore it the 2nd day... on bad hair day. I am not a hat person, nor a cap person. Heck, headbands hurt my head. So it took some getting use to. But I think I'm sold.

    Ok, onto the 2nd gadget Nicole gifted us with... the cast iron old-fashioned waffle maker. Oh my gosh, love, LOVE! Thank God we took the time to season it before we left ~ we coated the entire cast iron in solid shortening and baked for one hour in a 350 oven. It took us a couple tries over the Coleman stove before we got the process down pat... 2 minutes and then flip the iron over for another 2 minutes. Perfecto.

    Ok, so here's the story... while packing for the camping trip ~ which btw, we have down to a science ~ I asked Randy... ok, I badgered Randy about always bringing his tools and jumper cables. Always. He's been packing them every single time we travel anywhere for 32 years. But this time I had the audacity to point out that we've never needed to use said jumper cables. Like ever. So why bring em.

    Well, fast forward Sunday afternoon. We break camp ~ which we also have down to a science ~ and we're ready to hitch up the cozy cottage to the van and head down the mountain. But... we have a problem. The battery is dead. We neglected to keep the tailgate closed most of the time and drained the battery.
    Did my husband point out how I had railed on him for always packing jumper cables everywhere we go? No. He's a humble man and thanks the Lord he brought jumper cables. (in spite of my nagging) I, on the other hand proceed to gush about how he's the best husband ever for always bringing jumper cables! And thankfully we use a 12 volt battery on our cozy cottage, which get us jumped and on our way. Whew!

    And for those of you that didn't get enough of our camping trip ~ more pics found HERE on facebook.

    Monday, August 08, 2011

    Thompson Camping Trip

    We may have just established the 1st Annual Thompson Family Camping Trip. Although it came with it's share of glitches, I'd say it was overall a pretty good trip. For one thing, we were missing our youngest son Tyler. He couldn't get off work. We missed him terribly.
    Once everyone had arrived on site, we initiated the event by reprising an old family camp favorite ~ Tacos in a Frito bag ~ taco meat, cheese, tomatoes, avocados, sour cream & Nicole's homemade salsa. YUM!

    At the time I captured this sweet moment, emolyn was running a temperature of 103.5. Poor little thing, she was so sick... or as she calls it "grumpy". She kept apologizing for being grumpy. Let me tell you what, she is the best sick kid ever. She never complains or whines or cries.

    Can I tell you something else? elsie is about the happiest little munchkin there ever was! 

    She cracks me up! She's either SO BIG! 
    or flashing her signature Popeye the sailor man grin.


    Miranda took emolyn on a scavenger hunt once the Motrin kicked in 
    and emolyn perked right up.

    emolyn loves the woods and is excited to go camping again when she's not so grumpy.

    They found so many lovely treasures in the woods.

    Pop pop & Mimi brought bubbles to entertain the girls... and yes, we mean Koda too.

    While Shawn's family went to check in to their cozy cabin at Christopher Creek and to rest for a couple hours before dinner... I took a little nap in our cozy cottage... while Miranda finished rereading the 7th Harry Potter book.

    Then while Randy started the bonfire for roasting hotdogs and S'mores,
    I got the potatoes, sausage, peppers, onions and mushrooms cooking, 
    along with ranch beans.

    6 words ~ peaceful, quiet, chilly, family, warmth and love ~

    How sweet is this mommy & emolyn moment.

    Nothing more cozy than my husband & soft vintage sheets.
    emolyn had quite a rough night at their cabin, so they decided to drop Miranda off at our camp site before heading home Sunday morning. We were sad to see them go, but thankful emolyn would be in her own bed. She's doing much better today after seeing the Dr.

    I can't wait to post about the two camping gadgets that my daughter-in-law Nicole gave us for this camping trip. Just the coolest gadgets ever! Oh, and I gotta tell you what happened when we were ready to leave. Here's a hint... my husband is always prepared for anything that could possibly go wrong. Always.