Saturday, July 14, 2018

Dementia/ Memory Care

My husband Randy will be placed in a Memory Care facility in Gilbert, AZ Thursday, July 19th. 

I could never have imagined typing those words. Even though I know it's time, I am heartbroken. And trusting God with every breath I take.

I remember reading that grieving your loved one’s initial diagnosis, their placement in a facility, and their actual death are very much the same. And they are right. 

Needless to say, Randy & I need your prayers now more than ever ~

~ that Randy would adjust to his new surroundings as best as can be expected
~ that he would feel God’s love, peace and presence
~ that he would know my overwhelming love for him
~ that he would thrive
~ that he would be their favorite

My dear friends Ralph and Linda (the other Linda Larson) arrived July 6th to be here for Randy & I as we transition. They insisted on staying a couple weeks after Randy is placed so as to be here for me. As the days and weeks draw near, I am more and more aware that was a good call and a precious gift from God.

Please pray ~

~ that I would trust the Lord, rest in the Lord and be strong and courageous
~ that He would protect me from the enemy's lies
~ for my health... as anxiety and stress have taken a toll
~ that I would savor the sweet moments, rather than fear the future
~ that I would sense God’s presence as never before
~ that ALTCS (AZ Long Term Care) would be approved in a timely manner

Thanking God ~

~ that his memory care facility is only 2 minutes from my job in Gilbert
~ that I can visit him every day after work
~ that Scott Fisher @ Foundation for Senior Living recommended this facility, not even knowing it’s proximity to my work
~ for my amazing team that has walked with me every step of the way 
~ my elder law attorney Emily Taylor and her assistant Jessica 
~ my dear friend and financial planner Joe Scheid
~ my son-in-law Aaron for his wisdom, counsel and compassion 
~ for dear friends near and far that have visited, called, text and emailed me words of encouragement, affirmation and Truth. I can’t tell you how many times fear and anxiety overwhelmed me to the core... thinking I could not do this another day… and I would get a call or text. They had no idea... but God did.

And finally, I thank God for everything. And I mean everything. I don’t understand everything, but I can truly thank Him. I am trusting God’s love for me, His character, His faithfulness, His ever present help in times of trouble. He is transforming me. He is fighting for me. He is the strength of my heart. And my portion forever. He allowed this. He is using it. He is all I need. He is enough.

And I am so thankful God continues to use Randy’s music and lyrics. I get monthly emails, CD orders and testimonials from people all around the country. And most of them had no idea about Randy's diagnosis until I linked them to his story on my blog. Their heartfelt stories are a powerful testament of Christ in Randy, his calling, faithfulness and humble service in sharing the death, resurrection and love of Jesus.

Randy always said at every concert ~ 

“We are aliens and strangers. This is not our home. I long for the day when I can stand before Jesus and hear Him say “Well done good and faithful servant”.” 

I long for that day too. 

Oh how I miss my husband. My friend. My helpmate. My truth teller. The love of my life. 

However will I do this life without him by my side?

You can read his Frontotemporal dementia story HERE.