Tuesday, April 27, 2010

my galvanized table

The other night I woke up thinking about a drawer I had found many years ago at a yard sale for a dollar. Even back then I loved anything galvanized. My plan was to someday put casters underneath the drawer and use it as storage under our bed. But as you can see, I never did.

But the reason I woke up thinking of that drawer was because of this galvanized table that I had been letting Emolyn play with recently. I found the table many years ago for a couple dollars and I use it when I refinish furniture. Well it struck me in the middle of the night, that these two pieces need to meet.

So the next morning I dug the drawer out of the old shed and my suspicions were confirmed... they fit together perfect.

I was also tickled to discover that the galvanized insert popped out.

But then quickly realized that not only were the table corners pointy sharp, but the drawer insert corners were also dangerously sharp. I was having to put a rug over the table when Emolyn played with it, so she wouldn't cut herself on the corners. Combining the two would even be more dangerous.

But I would not be deterred. I pressed on and came up with another plan. I took the drawer apart, unscrewed the drawer front and the two gliders on either side of the drawer. And well, are you getting where I'm going here?!

OK, so some of you already thought of this from the get-go. Then you're smarter than me :) YES, I popped the galvanized insert back in the drawer frame and TA-DA! How cute is this!! AND no sharp pointy corners. I was sooo happy! My two galvanized pieces finally meet and marry for life :) It's a match made in heaven!

But I need your help-
~ what should I do with this darling little table?
~ what color should I paint the pine wood?
~ or should I stain... or leave as is.
~ should I bring indoors or leave outdoors?

Your thoughts and ideas are welcome.

Stay tuned for an all-exclusive galvanized post coming to a blog nearest you. Yes, I have quite a few galvanized pieces. Such as the chandelier in this pic. Yup, galvanized with glass crystals. Another repurposed project made from odds 'n ends found here 'n there. My favorite kind of project.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

vintage gingham aprons

My love of gingham aprons started many years ago when I inherited my Grandma Larson's red gingham check apron. Truly a treasured heirloom. I eventually found a yellow one and hung them from the hay hook, next to the lefse turner. Read THIS post if you want to know what in the heck a hay hook and a lefse turner is.

And then, something very strange happened... each of these vintage gingham aprons started showing up at my little thrift store that I visit often. One at a time. A dollar each. No two alike. All from the very same thrift store!

Seriously, I would go one day and find the pink one... a few days later the aqua blue one... and then maybe a red one the following week... and on and on. This went on for several months and then it tapered off a bit. I still find an occasional one now and again.

At one point I actually thought I was being set up... like I was being 'punked' or something... like it was all a joke to film me getting all excited and then they would steal my joy by telling me it was all a gag. So needless to say I started paying a little more attention to my appearance... you know, in case I show up on one of those new reality shows where they feature crazed women overreacting to their favorite finds. You gotta admit, it has potential. Heck, I'd watch it!

And here's the deal, not any two are the same. And I have a total of 20 gingham aprons hanging from a curtain wire in my craft room and several more on hooks. The exquisite chicken scratch embroidery, color hues and size of ric rac vary from apron to apron. All unique, one of a kind, treasured works of art.
(be sure to clic each pic and see for yourself)

So, let me ask you... do you suppose the same lady made all of these lovely aprons ? And did they arrive at my little thrift store as a collection? Then why didn't they want to put them out all at once? Why only one at a time? Sure makes you wonder...

But I really do believe that I, as a responsible thrifter, am rescuing them. Another words, they are like a family of gingham aprons that I have adopted, one at a time, so the collection can stay together. Hey you laugh, but it's what we do in the thrifting business, to leave our mark on the world. Ok, so I'm being funny... well sorta :)

Come on, you've got to admit, they look pretty awesome together. Oh and for those that are curious, I have them hung using the IKEA curtain wire w/ clips set.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Emolyn @ Mimi's

My granddaughter Emolyn really is the nicest little girl I have ever known. I'm serious, she is so kind and thoughtful and loving.
Well, she came over last week and I had more fun transforming the back patio into her playhouse area, with the focal point being the old pump that she thinks is way cool.

Emolyn loves water! So all I have to do is turn on the pump water feature and she will spend hours filling every container and then pouring water from one container to the other, all the while asking "Mimi, more water?" and I'll respond "Sure!" and she will beam with delight as she fills yet another container!

Makes me so happy to see her enjoying the pump that my Dad bought me and we hauled back here from Wisconsin. My Dad loved old pumps so now that he is gone, it is such a sweet remembrance of him.

Check out the wooden kitchen that I found at Goodwill a while back. It needs lots of work, but I figured we'd better finish up one kitchen renovation before tackling another :)

Emolyn's Mommy & Daddy are the best cooks, so it's only natural that she would pretend she's cooking up a storm.

Tyler was so excited to bring his friends over to meet his little niece. Tyler & Emolyn have the sweetest relationship. They simply adore each other.

Can't say that Emolyn feels the same about our dogs. Koda & Wiley actually get on her nerves, by getting in her way. So she will look at me and get all dramatic and say "oh Mimi, Emolyn Kate sceert of dogs!" And then she hugs me and I melt.
Oh I love her so much I could burst.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

kitchen remodel reflections

Our family of five moved into our home 16 years ago next month. Our youngest was 5. Our oldest turned 12 the day we moved in. As I've said before, we tiled, carpeted and painted but that was about the extent in updating our 1979 Regal Home. Over the years I did express my desire to replace the counter top and sink someday. And then 6 months ago we walked in to our home after 3 days in Disneyland and our living room, dining room and kitchen were flooded. We would be getting much more than counter tops and a sink. Thus began our journey. But not without it's fair share of aches and pains along the way. But hey, no pain, no gain, right?

So for posterity's sake, I'm recording the following reflections while they're still fresh in my mind ~

~ love that we installed a dimmer switch on the under cabinet lighting.
~ the lighted glass-front cabinets are on the same dimmer, with glass shelves coming soon.
~ we kept our white appliances but installed a matching white microwave.
~ we kept our old flooring but added contrasting tile in the actual kitchen.
~ Randy did all the electrical and plumbing.
~ we left the skylight uncovered and does it ever light up my kitchen!
~ the perfect cabinet & drawer pulls have yet to be found.
~ we will get around to adding a back-splash someday.
~ love the cherry cabinets by Omega Cabinetry- thanks Tim! (free upgrade in February)
~ simply adore my Viatera quartz counters.
~ and my under-counter double sink rocks!
~ so glad I chose all drawers under the counter tops. We're talkin full-extension drawers!
~ the raised ceiling was probably our best decision.
~ your faucet really is the jewelry in your kitchen. My Ladylux could not agree more :)
~ love my 10' island that gives me more than enough room for four stools.
~ check back as I'm sure I'll be adding more as they come to mind.

A heartfelt thanks to my handy handsome husband for ~
~ demolition
~ plumbing
~ electrical
~ installing microwave (along with Tim)
~ installing garbage disposal & dish washer
~ painting all the walls & ceiling
~ demoing all the old tile
~ reinstalling my Ladylux GROHE
~ sharing in the ups & downs throughout the process
~ loving me so well

And now... let the decorating begin!

Just so you know, I am all about the journey. I'm not one of those that has a plan with a 'git 'er done' mentality. Quite frankly, I am not about the end results. I like the process. So I am always in process. In my life. And in the life of my home.
So, the personality and character of my kitchen will evolve. I am already pretty psyched about the way it's unfolding. Stay tuned.

And last but certainly not least, thank you dear friends and fellow-bloggers for your kind words. I am so humbled that you would take the time to comment and share in my joy. Means more than you'll ever know!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

kitchen remodel- THE BIG REVEAL!!

Welcome to my newly remodeled kitchen! Truly the heart of my home.
This is what I posted back in April so you can see the transformation unfolding.

I couldn't wait another day!
I had to show you my new kitchen!
I absolutely love my cherry cabinets.
I can't keep my hands off the cold quartz counter tops.
And hello! how gorgeous is my Ladylux GROHE in her new digs!

* before

* after

Oh my gosh, the island is humongous ~ 9'9" X 4'3"!! Whatever will I do with all that space!
We do have plans to get new stools someday, but I wanted you to see them in both the before & after photos to give you some perspective.

We have so much more that we need to to do, but we are just so relieved to finally have a working kitchen. Who knows when it'll be completely done. So rather than wait till we install the lighting, the glass in the cabinets, finish the painting, install the back splash and drawer pulls & cabinet handles and much, much more... I had to let you see how far we've come.

Thanks to Chris and Chris for installing our cabinets. They did an amazing job! Check em out if you live in the Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Gilbert areas.
And a huge thank you to Tim Morari of SHOWCASE KITCHENS for the design of this kitchen. It's more than I ever dreamed!

We only had to wait a few days after the cabinets were installed before our Viatera quartz counter tops arrived. I was so nervous I could hardly stand to watch them haul the slab through the front door, so I snapped a quick pic and then ran back in my room.

Later Randy came and got me for the big reveal. I about cried. I was completely stunned. And then Randy installed my Ladylux and finished up the plumbing. It was finished. My kitchen was complete. And you guys, I am beyond thankful.
God does cause all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)
Because of the flood I have a new kitchen!

* You can read the story about my BARN LIGHTS HERE!  Reminds me of the farm in Wisconsin.

** And also the story about MY RED HUTCH HERE! Thanks to those that asked about the story!

*** Be sure to check out the Kitchen Remodel posts in the March archives to see the total transformation.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

my GROHE faucet

Other than our home & vehicles, we can honestly say that one of the most expensive items we have ever purchased was our GROHE kitchen faucet. And thanks to the flood, we will now have a kitchen worthy of such quality & elegance. I love my GROHE. She's German engineered. Lifetime warranty. Gorgeous as all get-out. And now, ok, you're going to laugh, but she will actually be put in our will. Seriously, these gals are passed down for generations and that is not at all uncommon in the German culture.

Check out my Ladylux Plus GROHE~ HERE

See here's the deal, in our 30 years of marriage we were averaging a new kitchen faucet every 10 years at around $200.00 a pop. So last year when we received our stimulus check, we decided to invest the money in something that would last a lifetime. Guaranteed for a lifetime! Well let me tell you, it about killed me to spend over $600.00 for a dadgum faucet... but here's what sealed the deal for me.
A couple days after we installed our faucet we heard a clicking sound while maneuvering the lever. We called the GROHE service number and within a couple hours a man came to our door. Here's the funny part of the story. As we answered the door, this dear man gasped and said "It really is THE Randy Thompson!! When I got the call to service your home and saw your name, I called my wife and told her that it just may be the Randy Thompson I had seen in concert years ago." Well, he was thrilled to meet Randy after all these years. He bought some of his CD's and serviced our GROHE. Can't beat that with a stick. All to say, yes, the faucet even comes with your very own serviceman. (a former fan in our case) But we sure had a wonderful time with this dear man. AND he checked out our GROHE and all was right with the world.
Let me tell you, I was impressed!

We will now be reinstalling our GROHE in our new kitchen this week and if we have any problems, we'll call our trusty serviceman. It's that simple.

*** YES!! Our new kitchen will be complete THIS WEEK!! The counter tops are being installed tomorrow (Monday). And that can only mean one thing. I will finally have a sink!
So stay tuned. The final KITCHEN REMODEL REVEAL is coming THIS WEEK!

Here's a little sneak peek...

Thursday, April 08, 2010

heavenly hollyhocks

Hollyhocks make me so happy. And really, they couldn't be blooming at a better time. As I sit here at my desk I can look out on my backyard and see these gems and take in their beauty. It's also an excuse to walk through my kitchen with my camera and snap some shots.

You see I'm confined to my desk while they install my new kitchen cabinets. And I am about jumping out of my skin, I am so anxious for them to be done. But the beauty of these hollyhocks have a strangely calming affect on me.

And I know that often times I miss the beauty in moments that lay right before my very eyes, all the while obsessing on what's next. Don't we all.
Oh you guys, I want to be such a good steward of this amazing kitchen. I don't want to miss the opportunities that are right before my very eyes. I want this kitchen to be an extension of Christ in me. A safe place where many can gather and be known and nurtured.
And loved well.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

exciting news!

Guess what? Emolyn is going to be a big sister! We are so excited that Shawn & Nicole are going to have another baby. And get this... the due date is 10/10/10!

Emolyn loves babies. She is so nurturing. She will be the best big sister and helper for her Mommy & Daddy.

And this here Mimi can already imagine her grandkids gathered in her kitchen making cut-out gingerbread cookies for every single holiday that rolls around. Mmm, I have yet to find a cookie cutter for Presidents Day :)

Silly Emolyn immediately put the little bunny I put in her Easter basket on top of her head. She's quite the character. And my favorite little lamb.