Friday, March 30, 2007


My latest discovery... going to thrift stores and turning candle holders upside-down... a whole new purpose! Here are a few I couldn't resist!
This yummy pin cushion is displayed on such a find! By the way, that pin cushion was just given to me by my Mother-in-law. She thinks her Mother-in-law (my husband's Mamaw Bean) made that pin cushion around 40 years ago and my Mother-in-law became the proud owner when Mamaw died in 1978. I am sooo in love with this precious family heirloom... reminds me of a cupcake!

Here's another candle holder that I turned over and it became home to thimbles. Don't you just love it! OK, I am also into anything with a pedestal. The simplest of things just look more elegant when displayed on a pedestal. Don't you think! And I spent maybe 50 cents for each of these treasures. Hey, why not get out some of your candle holders and see if they might have a new purpose! Cuz it's all about repurposing.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

craft stand

I found this 40 inch stand a couple weeks ago at a little thrift store for $4.00. Can you guys help me think of fun and creative ideas on what I could do with it! I want to load it up with fun stuff and put it in the corner of my craft room. And of course changing it often to suit my fancy. (whatever that is!)

As you can see, I have hung various spools of ribbon, twine, hemp rope, vintage seam binding, thread, etc. Tell me your thoughts and ideas, and then I will decide what color to spray paint it. Right now I'm thinking a creamy white and then sanding most of it off, so as to look kinda worn and vintage-y. What do you think?
Click on the pic to enlarge.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

pink candy dishes

During Tyler's birthday party on Saturday... while 25 boys were in the middle of an 8 hour Texas Holdem Tournament... Miranda and I snuck out to Goodwill's half off sale! I found these two pink pedestal candy dishes for 99 cents each! Love em! I am using my 'too pretty to use' crocheted apron I got for a dollar, as a center piece doily. Too cute!
But I can't believe I almost ate that whole dish of almond M&Ms! They were suppose to be for decoration... like maybe for a few weeks... is that too much to ask!! Well, back to the store for more!

Monday, March 26, 2007

let's get real

I saw a couple blogs out there this morning that are calling Monday's "let's get real Monday".
OK... so, I'll get real and fill you in on my reality.
First off, our youngest turned 18 and Friday he got his driver's license... need I say more.
Then our only daughter moved out this weekend... on her own... alone... in a darling apartment... need I say more.
Oh and I suppose I could mention that I am very hormonal and emotional... and a recovering control freak.
So... there you go, is that real enough for you!
Seriously, I am doing better than I ever thought possible. And how's that, you may be asking?
Well, I am choosing to believe that God is who He says He is.
He is trustworthy, so I can trust Him with my kids, cuz frankly He adores them.
He is in control at all times, so I don't have to think that I am.
He sees everything, knows everything, so how can I NOT let go and let Him be God.
He will not give me more than I can handle.
He is all I need. He is enough.
Randy wrote a song a few years ago that says it all.
Click here if you'd like to hear the song off his "Thirsty" CD. (that's me on background vocals)

Shawn, Miranda, me and Tyler during Tyler's 18th birthday party on Saturday! Love my kids to pieces!

After church on Sunday, I went with Miranda on her first grocery shopping trip. We had so much fun loading up her cart, telling the checkout gal that she was shopping for her first apartment, finding the laundry basket on clearance for $2.00! That's my girl! Speaking of! She just posted about her "5 days in NYC"! Click here and check out her awesome pics!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

It's raining!

I am sooo happy! Last week it was 99 degrees and today it's rainy and cool! I am sooo happy! OK, so my sister Ginny calls... tells me to go buy the June issue of Country Decorating Flea Market Style magazine... she says to call when I get it... hey, any excuse to get out in the rain... I find it after 4 stores... I make me some hot chocolate... magazine's ready... time to call Ginny! Have I told you how happy I am when it rains?!!
Koda & Wiley love the rain too!

I'm back!! OH MY GOSH! Ginny & I just went through the whole magazine together and it is AMAZING!!! A must-have!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

old sewing machines

Found this little handy dandy sewing machine at Savers for 99 cents along with the instruction booklet. What do you think... the 50's? This little baby does it all... regular stitching, basting, zig-zag and blind stitching. And it also sews on buttons. It holds smaller wooden spools and came with the spool that you see in the Dexter.

Many years ago I had my husband bring back my Grandma's old Montgomery Wards sewing machine. He had gone to Wisconsin to do some concerts in his little Honda hatchback. And of course I had to have him bring me back something! I mean, it was just him in the car. So picture this... my Grandma's old peddle machine, a big old milk can and an oak plant stand all packed in his little car. Oh and don't forget his guitar, cases of CD's, suitcase, the usual. Poor guy, he couldn't even pull over, recline his seat and take a nap as he likes to do while traveling. So yes, I think I can safely say that my husband is the King of Husbandom. Seriously, he's the best!

Monday, March 19, 2007


It was ten years ago this week that we had just started refinishing Miranda's bedroom furniture. It was Spring Break and we were in for a busy week. But at 4:30 that Tuesday morning we awoke to a phone call from my sister-in-law Debbie, saying that my sister Kathy's 19 year old son Noel had been in a serious basketball accident the night before. (He was on a city league team) Noel would be going into surgery to have a portion of his brain removed to relieve the pressure. We were stunned. Not our Noel.
I wasn't planning on going to Bible Study that morning because of Spring Break, but I immediately sat down and did my Philippians study. I was desperate for the Lord's peace, for His comfort. And the study just happened to be about God knowing the numbers of our days. I was filled with such a peace knowing God was in control. I could trust Him. They put Noel in a medically induced coma after the surgery and for the next 5 days we waited, we cried, we prayed... but Noel did not survive. He died Saturday, March 22nd, 1997.

Noel had graduated the year before in Oklahoma, with plans to move to Wisconsin. As much as he'd miss his Mom, his older brother Aaron and his younger sister Kristen, he always dreamed of taking off after graduation and staying with his Aunt Ginny and Uncle Dave in Wisconsin. You see Noel loved the family farm in Wisconsin. He loved his Grandpa & Grandma Larson and hanging out with his uncles Gary, Ron & Kevin. My sister Kathy and Noel's Dad divorced when Noel was two. So the men in Noel's life meant so much to him.
Noel was a runner. He excelled in football, basketball and track throughout his high school years. He loved decorating for Christmas. He made the best waffles. He was so handsome and had a smile that lit up the room. Noel loved the Lord and always wanted to do the right thing. My sister Kathy did such a great job raising her kids by herself. Noel loved and cared for his family. He would have been the best uncle to his nieces and nephews... just the best uncle ever.

We planted this Texas Mountain Laurel nine years ago in memory of Noel. It's always in full bloom at this time of year and fills the air with the sweetest scent... like cotton candy... reminding us of our sweet Noel, who will be forever missed.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

citrus galore

That's me four years ago in our backyard. We harvested a whole lot of lemons & oranges & grapefruit that year! This being only a small portion of our bounty. And this year is proving to be yet another huge harvest!

So, what's going on in the Thompson household? Well, Randy & I are alone. Yes, alone for the next five days. Tyler is in New York City on his high school Choir Tour and Miranda is along as a chaperone. A dream come true for Miranda. They were suppose to go to NYC her senior year but the trip fell through... so she is sooo excited! AND she will be with Tyler on his 18th birthday tomorrow!! Yes, my baby turns 18... while touring the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Ground Zero!! How cool is that!
Shawn & Nicole are vacationing in Rocky Point, Mexico this week with Nicole's family. I know they are having so much fun relaxing, reading and cooking amazing meals every night.
So please pray for my scattered family... for their safety, good health (Tyler's recovering from being sick) and that they have the BEST, most memorable, unforgettable trip EVER!!
And... that Randy & I enjoy our time alone.
Heck, we're going to the SUNS game tomorrow night!! I think we'll be just fine.

I just had to post one more time. My Lady Banks Rose. She's sure turning heads these days!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

pyrex promotion

When I started collecting PYREX 25 years ago, I made a decision that I would not collect any Pyrex with 'cinderella' handles. Two reasons, they take up more space and I just didn't like the look. Too modern. That is... until I saw this color (hello! aqua!) and design (whimsical & artsy)! This "Hot Air Balloon" pattern was introduced as a 1958 Promotion. That's almost 50 years ago! Well, that's when I knew... I had to have one! But I wanted the smallest from the 3 bowl nesting set. I always prefer the smallest size... they're just cuter. And just so you know, FOR ME, it's no fun finding it on Ebay. I don't do Ebay. I get a bigger thrill just letting it find me... when I least expect it. So I go to a yard sale down the street on Saturday and there it is * one dollar * all mine! Can't you just see it filled with buttons!

My other thrifty finds-
A yo-yo crocheted doily runner... this and another one for only a dollar... not quite sure what to do with them, they are rather long. Love the raised flowers on the round tin... and the soft, fuzzy turquoise wired thingy. It's a 'thingy' when I'm not sure what it's called. But you knew that.

Monday, March 12, 2007

coping with the copa

How do I unwind when I am overwhelmed and anxious? I go thrifting.
How do I celebrate when I am no longer overwhelmed and anxious? I go thrifting.
OK, so basically I cope, escape and relax by thrifting.
Needless to say, this weekend was filled with "Copa" shows and thrifting! The shows were awesome! Sooo much fun watching these kids shine on stage! Randy and I were so proud of Tyler. He had the time of his life!

This week I will feature some of my favorite finds.
For starters, this apron! Why? Because the ric rac is sewn on by hand! So what's the big deal? Well... I had just read on Alicia's blog that she hand sewed the ric rac on her new totes. And I wanted to see how she did that... and this apron enables me to see... up close and personal! And I love that someone lovingly sewed every single stitch and they will never know that I lovingly appreciate every single stitch. Like I said, I love this apron... 99 cents at Goodwill! More deals to come.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

my lady

My Lady in all her splendor and glory. She will continue to bloom even more, till you can hardly see the foliage. Because the Lady Banks blooms for such a short period of time, I have to really love the foliage. And I do love the texture and shape and varigated colors of her foliage. And when she is done blooming, we will prune her back... otherwise she would eventually take over our entire home.

Note that only two days have passed since the last entrance pic was taken for the last post.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

*more lady banks rose pics

One of my very favorite plants bloom in March. And it's happening... right now!
The Lady Banks Rose was planted over ten years ago. In the Guinness Book of World Records the largest rose bush in the world happens to be the Lady Banks Rose in Tombstone, Arizona. This rose bush was planted in 1885 and covers an area of over 8000 feet and the base of the trunk is around 12 feet in circumference!! Be sure to click on my link and check it out for yourself! I'll be posting more pics as she continues to burst with more blooms! Doesn't it almost seems like they do that... like I should be able to hear the blooms pop open! My Lady never ceases to amaze me with her beauty!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

colorful cookbooks

I love old cookbooks... the vivid colored covers... the beautiful illustrations.
These are some of my favorites and the latest year printed.

Betty Crocker's Outdoor Cook Book- 1961
The American Woman's Cook Book- 1956
Betty Crocker's Good and Easy Cook Book- 1954
Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book- 1950
Watkins Cookbook- 1938 (found at a little thrift store for 25 cents in Westcliffe, CO in 1985)

Take a look at the inside cover from The American Woman's Cookbook! Is this not the most pretty Petits Fours picture ever! My jaws are actually aching for a taste! By the way, they were all found at yard sales or thrift stores... 25 cents to a dollar for each.

Monday, March 05, 2007

dancers rock!

Another "Copa" teaser!
Hey, Valley locals, they will be performing a number from "Copacabana" tomorrow on the Channel 12 Mid-Day show from 11am- noon!!! They are planning to do the tap number! Look for Tyler... he's the tall one! So excited for these kids! Randy & I saw the whole show this morning and it was so incredibly fun and entertaining! The dance numbers ROCK!

conference in Tucson

Randy and I were at a Leadership Catalyst conference in Tucson over the weekend. Randy (in the middle), Terry & Rand did the music for the conference and we all stayed at the beautiful Starr Pass Resort.

This is what was waiting for us to devour on Saturday night when we returned to our room... the best chips & salsa EVER!!! Almost too pretty to eat! So I took a pic and they were gone in minutes! Yumo!

Friday, March 02, 2007

buttons R art

Get a load of these buttons I found at a thrift store! An artist made these buttons to sell! How they ended up at a thrift store, I will never know! Most of them have $2- 3.00 on the card and I got the whole line of IXTE (love how they give the pronunciation) buttons and pins for only $3.00!! Yes, and 3 gorgeous pins priced at $8.00 each were included! The white basket was a dollar... at the same thrift store, the same trip.
Whatever will I do with these pieces of art... maybe displayed, just as they are. Click the pic and see the detail.

*** Check out the first comment from this post! Is that not a brilliant idea on how to use these artsy buttons! Thank you sooo much Michelle!! Oh and by the way, she is my inspiration! One day I will create mosaic and I will have her to thank! And get this, we are like neighbors! She lives in the Phoenix area too and I just might meet her and see her fabulous work this Wednesday night at the Chandler Art Walk. I can hardly wait! See, I am such a groupy!

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Last night I took pictures as 'The Sweet Heavenly Angels' were getting ready to go out on stage to rehearse. These are the costumes I was responsible for. Are they not the cutest, most angelic high school girls ever! And you know what, they are! They just lit up the room as they came out of the dressing room. I grabbed my camera and when they found out it was going on my blog, they knew just what to do!

Tyler is the cute pirate in the back with the white headband. Two hours later Miranda took him to get his hair cut off! Check out Miranda's blog for the photo scoop. My baby looks soooo grown up now and oh soooo very handsome!

Hey locals, the musical starts at 7:30 PM each night. Come early to get your ticket and get a good seat!!