Thursday, May 07, 2015

this 'n that

  • blew through 4 seasons of Blue Bloods
  • have a huge crush on Tom Selleck
  • I do believe Rumer Has It on DWTS
  • my name is Linda Thompson and I'm a box hoarder
  • I can't let a useful box be destroyed at my job, so I bring it home
  • my garage is full of empty boxes waiting to be filled
  • and my van is outside in the sweltering heat
  • something is wrong with this picture
  • the new Jurassic World toys just arrived at my store
  • just watched the movie trailer and well... freaked me out
  • big shout out to Auto Zone & Discount Tires
  • single women, single moms and widows everywhere thank you!
  • I've always said if you talk to anyone long enough you'll know someone mutually
  • happens more than you'd think at my Fry's
  • I will have worked at Fry's for 2 years this August
  • 40 hour weeks are a bit much, don't you think
  • we should all work a 32 hour week
  • and make the same money of course 
  • Randy is obsessed with the new Dodge Challengers
  • we see several every day to and from the center
  • he drove a '69 Dodge Charger when we met in '78
  • he literally rebuilt the entire car at sometime or another
  • he still misses it and talks about buying another one some day
  • he has never fussed or argued about not driving 
  • he hasn't driven in well over a year
  • he's the best part of my day
  • 3 generations of Thompson Dads & Lads 
Randy ~ our son Shawn ~ his sons Nathan & Jonah (age 3)