Monday, June 09, 2008

Tyler's musical creations

Ok, all you faithful readers out there. Do I have a treat for you!

Check out my son Tyler singing on his My Space. You will be as surprised as I was to hear that my 19 year old son Tyler is literally singing every single part you are hearing on every single song. He plays the piano. All of it. I had no idea he was that talented! Sooo proud of him!

Yes, I know I am his Mother and a tad bit bias but I do believe he will, quite frankly astound you, as his Dad and I were when he sat us down and played us these musical creations.

My personal favorite is "Larger than Life". He even makes all the musical instrument sounds himself. Waaay cool!

Click here and crank up the sound!


Skerrib said...

Dude, that rocks. GarageBand was a good investment.

Angie in AZ said...

OMG Linda, he's so great! I always have thought what a great feeling it must be to have your whole family on stage singing and playing together. Tyler is really talented along with the rest of the family! Hard to believe this is the same little boy I taught in Sunday School when he was 4! In fact, that's how I met you! ;) I know you are so proud.

Becca said...

How amazing. Believe me, it's not just motherly pride. I'm listening to Circle of Life right now and it is beautiful. One day, I'll be able to say that I blogged with Tyler's mom. Let him know that Newsies is my favorite Disney musical. I saw it in the theaters when it came out. He should record Santa Fe as well.

NanAZ said...

Beautiful stuff! I wish Kevin was in town. I think he would have fun doing this stuff too. Of course he's talented...just like the rest of the family. Tell him to keep it up!

I agree that he should record the whole soundtrack of Newsies. I just added it to my Netflix list so I can see it again. Thanks Tyler for the reminder. I never could figure out why it didn't do well when it was released.

Nonie Mae.... said...

That was great! What a talented boy you have there..

kristen said...

I am truly amazed because he just has never let us see that side of him! but I will say I am just a tad upset he did request me as a friend :( I took care of that though ha!

Jan said...

I am completely impressed! You have one talented young man there! It isn't just motherly pride...he's GOOD!!!