Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stonehenge & Bath

My most memorable day of our whole trip. Loved Stonehenge, but especially Bath!

Took the train from Egham to Salisbury (took a couple hours, so Miranda took a snooze) and then the Stonehenge Double Decker Tour bus to Stonehenge. Breathtaking. Cold and windy. In awe of how they got these ginormous stones to this location back in 2500 BC. This video is pretty cool.

Then back on the tour bus back to Salisbury. So excited because we got the very front seats on the top deck of the bus... knowing full well that the English countryside would be even more enchanting, charming and picturesque from that level.

Another train took us from Salisbury to Bath and I was instantly transformed back in Roman times! Oh my gosh, I loved this city! The Roman Baths were mysterious and magical. The Bath Abbey was magnificent (founded in the 7th Century). And the flowering bulbs everywhere were stunning. (an England flower post coming soon)

So much to see, amazing architecture, the Circus, street entertainment, Royal Crescent, hot air balloons, dinner at The Slug & Lettuce. I just didn't want to leave!

And then just when the day couldn't get any more magical, we see this overhead! Simply. Breathtaking.

Oh, and I found the one and only place I wanted to see while in England. And it was in Bath. And it was wonderful. And it deserves its own post. So, check back in a couple days and see what I bought at my favorite store in all of England.


Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Lemme guess... Cath Kidston?!

Amy T Schubert said...

awesome . ... can't wait to go there !

Nicole T said...

beautiful pictures!

NanAZ said...

Linda, Love the pics! These look like fun places to go. I love the orange balloon in the background of the one of Randy & Miranda.