Wednesday, July 28, 2010

whimsical wedding idea

Can you believe how couples are incorporating vintage in weddings these days! Well, this idea beats all. You can read all about the wedding on my friend Heidi's blog.

"Steph's main color was a lovely aqua blue. She found the neatest vintage typewriter in the perfect shade of aqua and used it for the sign-in table."

"Guests were encouraged to type a bit of advice for the new couple."

I can see how the bride could then input the type-written advise throughout her wedding scrapbook.

What a whimsical way to engage your guests! Love the idea.


Karen said...

How sweet! I love this.
Have a great day,
Ladybug Creek

Lori said...

Super duper love it! How she found the perfect typewriter, I don't know. Enjoying your trips in your lovely camper.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hey Linda,
I was just thinking about you. Oh, I love the fair too and I will take pics and post them just for you! Sometime you should try to come home during fair time.
And I love the typewriter, such a cute idea!

NanAZ said...

Great idea! Did you share it with Amy so she can pass it along on her Teegan Photography blog?