Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Christmas Campers

Can you believe it?
A Happy Campers Christmas ornament!
I am so crazy in love with my vintage travel trailer Hallmark ornament!
Thank you Grace & Steve!
You guys love and know us so well!
Randy & I never got around to hanging lights around our cozy cottage on wheels,
but having her all lit up & festive on our Christmas tree is even better!
We took our cozy cottage on wheels camping for the first time in 2010,
so it makes perfect sense to commemorate her maiden voyage with a 2010 Christmas ornament!
I could not be more thrilled to have another ornament that tells a story of our latest adventures.


Heidi said...

It's even green! It's just perfect. What fun!

Deb said...

Too cute - perfect!!

Anonymous said...

It's perfect! I love it.