Wednesday, September 27, 2006

my latest deals

I love a good deal... and I love a good story... so every once in a while I plan on telling you stories about my latest deals!

First off you need to know that I am all about the thrill of the hunt... I would live this way even if Randy and I were living on lots of money. Cuz shopping for 'deals' is what I LOVE to do!
I don't shop retail... I don't shop sales... I shop clearance, thrift stores, yard sales, consignment stores, IKEA 'As Is' (I'll explain that later). I enjoy shopping even if I come up empty handed. That's the key, you gotta enjoy the process of finding the deals. I find little joy in just going out and buying whatever I want. First of all I would be overwhelmed... too much to choose from. But when you shop clearance only, you have a smaller selection to choose from... not as overstimulating to the senses.
I shop year round for birthdays, Christmas, baby gifts, etc. I love finding good, quality gifts that cost a fraction of what it retails for. I will buy stocking stuffers year round... fun, special gifts that are unique to each person.
I have a huge stash of 'deals' that I can grab and wrap for most any occation.

I also love buying things at thrift stores and yard sales that I can REINVENT, RESTORE, RECYCLE, REFURBISH... REVIVE!!

I love looking at something and think... what can I do with that? What could it become? How can I give it another life? My creative juices kick in and I can hardly wait to get started!
I will buy designer clothes that end up at a Goodwill, or Savers, wherever... because of a missing button, a rip in the seam... something I can easily fix. I recently got a pair of DKNY jeans in mint condition for $2.00 because one end of the belt loop needed to be reattached. Can you believe my good fortune?!!
Now about IKEA... Randy and I have yet to put together anything that we have bought at IKEA... because we buy 'As Is' only. I know what I want... and will wait till it ends up in 'As Is'... for a fraction of the cost AND all put together! Don't you love that!

My deal of the day- went to Mervyn's for their 50% off clearance today. Didn't even know that they carried Aerobeds... well, they were clearancing the last one... they were no longer going to carry them... retailed $100.00... clearanced for $50.00 and today for $25.00!!! Randy and I had mentioned several time that we needed a Aerobed to sleep friends and family! YES!!


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i'm like that too!!!.. maybe not quite to the same extent but i love searching for those hidden deals. last night i got a tshirt at target for 1.98