Monday, September 18, 2006

my Pyrex collection

OK, so I thought I would add a new feature to help spice up my blog site a little.
My various collections!
Every once in a while I will be highlighting one of the many treasures that I love to collect. My motto is "if you have more than one of something, then it's a collection that I need to start collecting"! So needless to say, I have many collections!

When Randy and I got married 27 years ago, we inherited the nesting set of Pyrex bowls from his Mamaw Bean. I fell in love with the yellow, green, red and blue bowls! Thus began my love affair with Pyrex!
I remembered growing up on the grey-rimmed Pyrex dishes and was able over the years, to find the red, chartreuse, and blue-rimmed dishes. I have two place-settings of each color cuz my Mom had saved two place-settings of the grey... but no grey-rim coffee cups. So several years ago when I went with Randy to Alaska on a concert tour, I found two grey-rimmed coffee cups!! (the only two!) How cool is that!

My favorite is the glass refrigerator containers. Around the 40's and 50's our parents used these containers to put their leftovers in... before Tupperware was invented. These square and rectangle vivid colored containers are simply adorable!
Oh and btw, I never spent more than a quarter or fifty-cents for any of my Pyrex till Martha did an article in her magazine about the up-and-coming collectibles... Pyrex being the newest craze. Then I started noticing that I wasn't seeing as much Pyrex in the thrift stores... they had made it to the bigtime... the antique stores.
Oh, and those six cute mugs on the bottom shelf of my hutch are Fire-King cola mugs. I found each of them at six different thrift stores over many years. It's like they were waiting for me to rescue them so all six could finally be together. I love when that happens!


NanAZ said...

What great collections and awesome colors! Did you take the pics? They look great. You're so good at finding all those treasures among the junk. How fun!

We'll have to go yard sailing together sometime now that it's cooling off in the mornings.

miranda said...

I love the pictures mom... So many people walk into our house and fall in love with those sets. I think they are beautiful and hope I get some someday... dang martha Stewart for making them so popular and cheating the stock market!!!

Jeanette said...

That is quite a collection of pyrex. Very colorful and beautiful!!

Meredith said...

oh wow! That's a lovely collection. I can't believe how many of those refrigerator dishes you've found!

I like the way you've displayed them too.


Heidi said...

Oh, be still my heart! LOL Seriously, your collection and the way you have it displayed is absolutely beautiful! I love the color-rimmed plates/mugs--I have never come across any yet, I've only seen them in my Pyrex book. And I just adore how all those refrigerator dishes look all lined up! So cute!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I stopped in to see your infamous Pyrex collection (which is indeed gorgeous and has inspired me to display my refrigerator dishes), but I got sucked right into reading and thoroughly enjoying your blog. I hope you continue sharing....

Anonymous said...



lorenzstudio said...

What an amazing collection you have. My collection is filling up its designated kitchen cupboard quickly. Lately I have been able to find some amazing sets of bowls! So much fun to collect. For some real fun check out

Zoey said...

Hi Linda,
What a great collection! I have a service for 4 in the turquoise and I just love them. Everything looks great in that red cabinet.

I found your blog from the comment you left on mine. I am really enjoying your blog and am going through all the archives.

You have such wonderful collections!

pyrex girl said...

Great collection. Envy your "dots" bowl. I have yet to come across one.

Found another new & interesting Pyrex blog with pictures/Pyrex stories you might want to check. Try

Eclectic Mishmash - totally unfocused. said...

It's nice to see a picture of the place settings! I always wondered what they looked like.

At a local thrift store there's a set of the red plates that's been there for a while. It caught my eye, but I couldn't really decide. I think there are a few of the salad plates and some of the dinner plates. I would prefer to have the whole set.

And it's priced $20, which I think is ridiculous, even if it is kind of rare.

Heh. They do have half-off sales, but I don't think I've gone in on the right day.

Hoping to pick those up when they get marked down, actually!

This is the kind of weird, junky thrift store where I can buy a glider rocker WITH ottoman for $3.93, or a blue Jeannette Harp-pattern glass cake plate for $7, but they mark the trio of turqoise, gold-lidded tin kitchen canisters $69.99.


Lynn said...

I have a lot of pyrex pattern bowls. I have decided to collect solid colors only. (I am running out of room.) I thought I might have some pieces that would complete a collection for someone and I don't know where to start. I would rather trade than sell them.