Monday, January 01, 2007

It's Fall in Phoenix

My dear friend Nancy and I and our families and several other families spent the day out at the Mozingo's on Saturday. Rand & Michele built their adobe home themselves on 2 acres about 12 years ago and it's our favorite destination. We feel like we have really gotten out of the city when it's only 45 minutes away in far west Phoenix. What a beautiful day! Such great food with dear friends & family!
Wishing A BLESSED & HAPPY 2007 TO YOU ALL!!!


NanAZ said...

It was a beautifully perfect fall day in December with one of our favorite groups of friends!

It couldn't have been more relaxing.

I'm getting ready to post some pics too.

Happy New Year!

lorenzstudio said...

Such a beautiful home and beautiful friends.

I hope the new year brings much joy to you and your family and friends.

Sandy said...

What a dream day! Dreamy weather with great friends!