Friday, December 22, 2006

mashed potato martini

Randy & I are thoroughly enjoying a very nice martini glass of... mashed potatoes! Yes! Mashed potatoes! And trust me, it's the only way to truly enjoy the mashed potato experience!
Let me give you some background before I explain the mashed potato martini. The four women pictured below (Karen, me, Stacey & Cindy) have spent Christmas Eve together with our families for the past 22 years!!! How cool is that! Each year we pile all our kids (we have three kids each) on the couch of the home we're gathered at and take a picture. We then take a picture of the four Moms. And yes, we get quite a laugh looking at our various outfits, hairstyles and haircolors over the past years! This being the very first year that we did not have "perfect attendance"... a child from each family was unable to be at the gathering.
Well, a year ago November, Karen (on the left) married David and at their beautiful, elegant wedding reception they had a "mashed potato bar"! The coolest most awesome display of mashed potato decadence ever! Oh my gosh, the toppings were endless and the gravy glorious!
So that following Christmas Eve, Stacey (on my right) hosted a repeat performance of Karen & David's reception and recreated the "mashed potato bar"! She found these real cool red and green martini glasses! And then last week when the Christmas Eve families got together at Karen & David's lovely home, they did the same thing! Thus, a new tradition was born and it was... well, look at us! We are in mashed potato heaven! We are savoring every delicious bite... the sauted mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, crispy bacon, sour cream, chives, green onions, shredded cheese, all drown in this velvety smooth gravy. It was intoxicating but without the alcohol. Potent but without the side affects. Hey, try it in a martini or margarita glass and I'm telling you, you will never want it any other way!
Cheers! Here's to another dollop!


Amy said...

that sounds soo good.

Zoey said...

LiInda, I think you and your crowd would be such a hoot to hang out with!

I've never seen nor considered a mashed potato martini, but it sure does look delicious!

What fun to have the same friends get together on Christmas for the past 22 years. That's amazing.

Trudi said...

That's amazing that you've spent so many Christmas Eves together!

A mashed potato martini sounds intriguing. Maybe I'll try making some, the next time we get together with our oldest & dearest friends. Who might have started a new fad! LOL

I hope you & yours have a blessed Christmas! said...

We really need to try that! We all love mashed potatoes and the toppings would be so fun to choose.

Thanks for sharing - the photos at least.

Jody said...

Linda...I've been out of the loop here. Forgive me, and Happy belated 50th birthday!! You make 50 look like a lot of fun. =) I will definitely have to add Mashed Potato Martinis to my folder of great ideas- that's awesome. And Merry Christmas to you and yours...thanks for reading Nitty.Gritty. I hope we enjoy another year of sharing online life together. =)