Friday, December 29, 2006

New Year's confession

I have this thing... ok, this problem. I have a ton of projects that I have started over the years and have never finished. Crafting, quilting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, framing, refinishing, painting... whew, it's rather daunting when you see it all in print!
So, here's the deal. No more starting new projects till I have either finished my old projects or gotten rid of them. And I mean it!
The blog world has exposed me to some of the most inspiring crafters, quilters, thrifters, decorators and scrappers in all the world! They have caused me to think, consider, reflect and contemplate... what it is I do well, that I am not doing and why is that. Cuz when I am creating... I am at peace. I feel so good about myself... and it affects how I react and respond to life and others. And let me tell you, 'others' like when I am like that! So... why did I stop doing the things that I loved to do?
Well, no more, I'm back and reconnecting to those first loves. But first I have to get organized and that means lots of weeding out... lots of purging. As my sister Ginny reminded me last night- eliminate and concentrate! Does anyone remember where we first heard those words? Yes, from Anne Ortland's book "Disciplines of a Beautiful Woman". I first read that book back in 1981. Loved the simplicity in her message of priorities, goals, organizing your life. When I am better equiped to serve others, to give my life away, it's because I have taken the time to do the things that matter... for me.
How do we do that? Well, it looks very different and unique to each person and who they are. For some it's taking the time each day to exercise, go for a walk... sitting in a quiet room praying, studying God's Word... reading, writing, listening to worship music... crafting, sewing, thrifting... cooking, baking or blogging. Whatever!
I just know that I want to set aside some time each day to better equip me to do the next thing. I want to be ready for whatever the Lord sets before me. I am tired of managing all my clutter... or is it my clutter controling me? I want to be clutter free... and focused on all that I was created to be and do. I'll keep you posted. (literally!)


Zoey said...

How about picking 12 projects that you want to finish and do one each month?

I know what you mean about feeling good when you are creating. You should certainly take the time to do that for yourself. Even 15 minutes a day will eventually get you to your goal.

I can only take so much clutter myself. It becomes overwhelming, doesn't it? Right now I am enjoying all the extra space I have since getting rid of the holiday decorations. It's a good feeling!

NanAZ said...

Isn't it great how God brings these things to mind when we think about putting up our calendar for the new year? January is usually my time to think through priorities and set goals, make changes and start new, even if they're not written down. It's just a natural time for me. I'm looking forward to the new year. Let me know if you have any old craft projects that you'd like to teach the rest of us. That would be fun!

Nicole T said...

Listen, I am open to receiving a lot of these things you are "purging". I think this is an awesome idea! Don't let it overwhelm you! One thing at a time. We can all do it together!

Sandy said...

Eliminate and concentrate! Thanks for the reminder .. perfect to think about for 2007. And I, too, read that book back in the 80's.
Happy New Year, Linda!