Thursday, December 21, 2006

Santas and Snowmen and Angels, oh my!

Ok, about the Lego Santas... many years ago Lego started making a Santa every year and they would be at the Toys-R-us checkout line in little bags for a buck or two. But you know me, I'd get them half off after Christmas.
Then a couple years ago Lego came out with a Lego Advent Calender. My kids loved putting together a Lego set every day before Christmas. Well there would always be a Santa or two in each Calender Edition. I also have several Lego Snowmen and Angel sets that Target also carried the last couple years. Some are the MegaBloks brand.
We are a huge Lego family so this collection was right up our alley! My kids always know they have a Lego Advent calender set to open on December 1st... this past year I got it at Barnes & Nobles after Christmas. So Tyler and his girl friend Sam have had fun putting the little sets together every day. It is so cute seeing my 6'4" son hunched over, snapping the pieces together and then displaying for all to see.


Nancy said...

Oh my... how did I miss out on this. All Kindergarten teachers should have known about this. I love legos and thank you for this insight which I will pass along to my Kindergarten teaching daughter and hope I remember it when I have grandchildren. Merry Lego Christmas!

kristen said...

I want some soooo bad!

Carol said...

Lego is such a great toy for all kids!

Dear Linda I'm wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas and a happy new year 2007! xox

NanAZ said...

Where have I been on these Lego Christmas pieces? Amy blogged about her Playmobil Nativity and I had never heard of those either. I guess I need to go to the toy section more. I'll be looking for them this year to save for the time when we have more little ones around.

Thanks for sharing!