Thursday, December 14, 2006

words & ampersands

Shawn & Nicole got me this casserole dish with words on the lid! I love what it says and I will be using it year-round! It's so creamy and smooth and yummy!

AMPERSANDS! How much do I love them? Well, now I have a stamp, an Italian charm and several embellishments that I can either scrap or wear on a chain. Thanks Tyler... and thanks Miranda for finding them, you sneaky thing!

Miranda got me the ampersand stamp and my new favorite movie... "An Unfinished Life"! Back in 1976 I was sooo into the movie "A Star is Born". Watched it several times... entered a talent contest and sang a medley from the soundtrack... got a perm like Barbra! So Miranda got me the 30th Anniversary DVD Edition! She has not seen it yet so I can't wait to watch it with her!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I use to love that movies too! You got some great gifts! What a blessing.

It's Nancy from daily blessings, blogger is making me anonymous!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great gifts!
I loved the movie A Star Is Born as well - I remember getting the 8-track with all the songs. Hard to believe it's been 30 years!
Debbie (posted-from-home)

Amy said...

more presents tomorrow?

Zoey said...

Happy Birthday!
I love that casserole dish, too. I've never seen one with a saying like that.

Anonymous said...

Do you know the words to a song called Swingin Country?

Carol said...

Great birhtday deco and fab pressies for you!