Thursday, January 11, 2007

the castle

A year ago Randy & I were in Colorado Springs at the Glen Eyrie Castle leading worship for the Navigators International Conference. I came across these pictures while putting together a calender for my parents last month. The memories of that trip came flooding back, as I recalled getting 6 inches of snow that first night at the castle! I was like a little kid experiencing snow for the first time! And to be honest, it was the first I had seen snow falling in many, many years! It was enchanting and magical and so romantic... come on, we were staying in an 18th century castle for crying out loud!

The next day we awoke to a fairyland of snow. We couldn't wait to drive to the perfect spot to photograph Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods! Oh how I want to snap my fingers and be in that very spot... experiencing the cold, clean air, the sparkly diamonds glistening in the snow, the peaceful quiet, the sheer wonder of God's creation.


Sigruns German Garden said...

Linda, the photos from the Castle are wonderful. How old is this house?


Sandy said...

I love the photos!
Yay for snow, we have a inch? on the ground :)
My hubby and I were in Colorado Springs in October doing a radio show with Dr. Dobson and the next day we woke up to ... SNOW! A lot of it. I may try to send ya a pix :)

lorenzstudio said...

Colorado is so beautiful, and I have always wondered what that area looks like.
I loved your post on Jerome, as well. Such a unique little town and a fun place to visit!

Lis said...

Thanks for the visit.. and a nice surprise to see beautiful photos on your blog..

Bettsi said...

Linda, your photos are beautiful. You look beautiful, like a girl full of wonder!

Zoey said...

I can imagine that castle would be romantic even without the snow. But how perfect that it fell while you were there!

NanAZ said...

I love the first photo! You should have it on your wall somewhere! The last one looks like you were photoshopped in, but I know it wasn't . That's such a beautiful area. I would love to go back there sometime!