Wednesday, January 10, 2007

itching for a road trip

This is a road trip that we took last year with our friends Terry & Nancy... to Jerome, Arizona. Notice the two pots on top of the building on the left (click to enlarge) and then the pic below gives you a close up. Simply breathtaking! We had such a fun time exploring this little old copper mining town. Arizona is filled with such history and beauty and culture and space!

Yup... I'm needing a road trip.
I am so happy when I'm on a road trip. And it's never about getting there... it's the joy in the journey, the endless miles, the unknown adventures, the conversations, the reminiscing, the history, surprising discoveries, interesting people and foods and shops and yes, even yard sales & thrift stores!
I rarely ever sleep while traveling, for fear I'll miss something.
We love to leave early and come home late... feeling energized and relaxed and recharged.
Hmmm... I am so ready to hit the road.


NanAZ said...

Hey, we're ready to go whenever you are, if you're looking for company!!! This is a great time to travel since things are pretty quiet in most places after the holidays.

Sandy said...

You sound like you have a lot of energy! ha! My hubby and I get to go to Ireland and Wales in April. We're excited as it's our first time. He is speaking in Wales in 4 different churches.

Love those pots!