Saturday, January 20, 2007

Valentine quilt

It's raining!
I love when it rains. I become energetic, creative and very nostalgic.
Rain reminds me of home... of Wisconsin.
I love feeling confined indoors... but in Phoenix... that rarely ever happens. No unusual weather conditions that limit you here. Probably the only weather related conditions that could produce serious ramifications would be if you forgot to wear your shoes to get the mail in the summer... I'm serious! You'd burn your feet. Someone should video someone venturing out to the mailbox... having gotten half way... then realizing their feet are burning. Let me tell you, the dance they do to get themselves to the mailbox and back is quite entertaining. Or has that just happened to me... anyone?

Scrapbooking today! Yeh!
Three Mom's and our three grown daughters are scrapping together. Makes me so happy! But first we go to my favorite thrift store (Tiedemann's in Tempe) and we find some treasures.
Here's the flannel Valentine quilt that I found for $2.50! Clic to enlarge the pic and read the writing in the corner. Almost makes me cry to think that someone gave this away... all because of a grease stain... that I am easily getting out because of the wonderful, marvelous OxiClean!! What would us thrifters do without OxiClean!


Britt-Arnhild said...

I look forward to decorate for Valentine :-)

LostRoses said...

Linda, I wholeheartedly agree with the "confined indoors" concept. There's a very liberating feeling knowing you have a good excuse to ignore your normal busy routine. I never understand cabin fever. Heck, there's a world of cool projects at home just awaiting a "confined indoors" day!

The burn-your-feet thing? Oh yeah, all my life. I'm trying to remind myself that it does get hot enough here for that to happen!

What a lovely quilt! And how sad that someone gave such a precious memory away. I'm glad it's found a loving home.

Zoey said...

I love to be snowed in for the weekend. It would be nice to be snowed in on a work day, but that will never happen. Once my road was drifted shut, but my boss drove down to the main road and I had to walk in knee deep snow to get to him to pick me up. There's no way he'd ever let me get a snow day!
You sure are finding a lot of quilts at your thrift shop! What fun it must be. I love OxiClean, too. I even use it to clean my carpet stains.
What fun to have a mother/daughter scrap day. I hope you all got a lot of layouts done.

Peta said...

Linda, thanks for your comments on my blog, Jenny does have lovely things!
I can relate to the mail box dance being in stinking hot Australia! I SPRINT to the mailbox!
I can't believe somebody would give away a quilt that was made especially for them. I never could.
I have done a Valentines table centerpiece, that is it so far.

NanAZ said...

I actually have video tape of Amy when she was about 2 years old walking barefoot from the grass to the sidewalk and us trying to get her off quickly! Too late, she started crying and I'm sure had no idea why the sidewalk hurt her little feet. She was fine, but I hate to say it, it was funny on video!

Heidi said...

That quilt is just darling! I do love Oxiclean. I wouldn't do laundry without it!

Leona said...

Hello Linda Leona, So glad you visited my blog. How cool more Leonas out there. I love that quilt. I dont know how someone could of gave that away. To much sentimental value for me.

Leona said...

Sorry ! I visited Sierra Vista Az I have family there and Queen Creek Az, My husbands brother lives there.

Nancy said...

What a beautiful treasure you found... you are so good at the thrift thing! Thanks for sharing.

Sanna said...

Hello and greetings from Norway ! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I will take you up on your question regarding posting in english. I will try to post in english from now on, and I hope you will come visit me again :o) I will most definately be back to check on your blog !

Becca said...

I collect cloth dolls and I sometimes wonder how someone could donate such a pretty thing made just for them. I always rescue old quilts when I find them...for the same reason.

Mimi said...

Hi Linda!

Thanks for visiting me! I live in northeast Wisconsin on the Michigan border.

You've got some of my favorite things here: quilts and scones!

I suppose if I left Wisconsin, I'd miss it, too!

Jolene George said...

I have so loved the rain we've gotten. We don't get nearly enough.
How fun that you all got together to scrap and the quilt was a great find!

Sarah and Jack said...

:-( about the things people give away, but it will be lovely in your home.