Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter

The two Easter basket on either side of the yellow wagon were given to Shawn and Miranda while they were shooting Easter commercials for a grocery store here in Phoenix 18 years ago. I remember that day clearly because I was in labor with Tyler during that whole filming! Shawn (7) and Miranda (4) were so excited because they got to keep the Easter outfits they filmed in AND the Easter baskets they carried during the egg hunt portion of the filming. I remember savoring every moment, knowing my life was about to change with the arrival of our 3rd born!

A while back I posted about my collection of give-aways that I got from all the years I entered 4-H exhibits at our Jackson County Fair. Recently I went to a yard sale and found the PINK rain bonnet basket for 10 cents!! I was so thrilled! I mean, what were the chances I'd ever find another one after all these years!

This is "my" Easter basket from when I was a little girl. My parents would hide all the Easter baskets and when we found one, we'd cross off the name of whoever had it the year before and write "our" name on the basket. How weird is that! And the eggs in the basket were made just for me by my sister Ginny over 25 years ago! Those fabric eggs are my very favorite Easter decoration! I mean, look at those fabrics!

Remember the Lego Santa's that I collected when the kids were little. Well, around that time they also came out with Lego Easter Bunny's. Are they not the cutest!
OK, soooo, who wants to know about my new aqua/blue cake stand that I am completely in love with!! Well, I found it at Ross... most unexpectedly, I might add. I mean, there it was... and it was everything I ever wanted in a cake stand... the aqua/blue color, the pink peonies and HELLO! the price tag...$8.99! YES, she came home with me!
Hey everyone, have a blessed Easter weekend! HE IS RISEN!


Britt-Arnhild said...

Happy and colourful Easter to you.

Nonie Mae said...

Happy Easter to you! Your Easter items are so cute.. Oh! I love that cake plate.. Very pretty..

LBP said...

Happy Easter! What a colorful and darling assortment of Easter goodies. Oh my gosh! I used to have the rain bonnet baskets too! I had completely forgotten all about them. What memories.

Zoey said...

I wanted to know about that cake stand! I kept looking at it and wondering.........It is simply beautiful and such a good price.

How nice that you still have your Easter basket with the charming names crossed off.

I am wondering where you could possible store all of the treasures you have. You must have a overflowing basement (like mine)??

Nancy said...

Oh what precious memories of your kid's at Easter! Great cake plate and I love the idea of hunting for the basket and then crossing out the name. That made me chuckle because I wish I had thought of it. HAPPY EASTER!

Sandy said...

Happy Easter to you and your family, Linda!

Amy said...

Happy Easter to you too!

Kerri B. said...

Ooh, ooh, was it Smitty's? Basha's? Who was the commercial for? Do tell!!

Jody said...

Hi Linda~
Happy Easter to you too, and thanks for all your great photos and stories behind them here. Love that!
As for the Thinker Award...thanks...and I am working on getting my links together to share with you and al my other readers in regards to who I read and where I find inspiration. I feel like I am going to openly admit too much of my personal 'blog obsession' once I reveal my list! =) It's all good..and hopefully I will point you and everyone else to some fun, inspiring, thoughtful spots. Have a great week!