Thursday, April 05, 2007

my dress form... in print form

Do you know how much I want a dress form? Well, I do.
So I went on Teresa's blog a week ago and saw that she was wanting to mail out one of her very own prints, made from her original painting. She just asked us to comment on why we'd want this print. Well, I was all over that! Cuz I loved the dress form with the old vintage apron! I would so do that if I had one! I commented that I want a dress form but couldn't justify the cost. (I'd just wait and let one find me someday) But in the mean time, this print would do just fine hanging in my craft studio! I loved the painting! And so she emailed me, to tell me that I was getting the print!! Yes, ME! And look at the cards she makes! Such complete loveliness!!
Go to Teresa's blog right now and you will see all her amazing art! She is so talented! Thanks Teresa!


Becca said...

You know, those dress forms have been selling for really cheap on ebay. They're going for under 40 with shipping. Just search for vintage dress forms.

Sandy said...

Hey, guess what? I got the print too! I promised to mat and frame it for my back patio. I'll post the results later.
Isn't Theresa a sweetie? I just love that girl! :)

Happy Thursday! Are you gonna tell people you got the "Thinking Blogger Award?" :)

Tiff said...

OH how lovely! And I want a dress form too, I told hubby he better get me one for my birthday or sooner! I may splurge and by one myself with a Joanns 40% off coupon. Do you want a new one or old one? I want a new one to actually made clothes on, but an old one would be neat to decorate on.

NanAZ said...

Hey Linda,

What a beautiful print! Looks like the original was a watercolor. I'll have to visit her blog.

In case you're interested, and can't wait for a full size one, I saw mini dress forms (about 10" tall) at Hancock Fabrics the other day and they're going out of business and closing their stores in Phoenix (except the Mesa store)so everything's 60-70% off. I got some great ribbons for scrapping there too.

Natasha said...

I too have dress form envy, I have a few head forms that were used for display in a shop but I don't think that counts. Although they are great for my hats. I also want a small chickenwire one that I have seen different places!!