Friday, May 18, 2007

did you know that...

1. I am terrified of being tickled.
If I am tickled, I go a little crazy and panic big-time... my heart is racing even as I type this! When I was a young girl, I witnessed my friend being held down by her two brothers and tickled till she cried. It obviously affected me so deeply, that I view it as being torturous to this day.
2. I bought my first car when I was 20 years old... sight unseen... 2000 miles away. A '62 Chevy Impala!
I met Randy a couple months before I went back to Wisconsin for the summer. Randy's Mamaw Bean died that summer and they asked if I wanted to buy her car for $500.00. She was the original owner... and the clear plastic seatcovers had never been removed... and it was as big as a boat... and it was a standard on the column! Yikes! So every Sunday afternoon for a month after I returned to Phoenix, Randy would take me out on remote desert roads and teach me to drive the boat! Man, I loved that car! Oh btw, Randy was driving a '69 Dodge Charger at that time! Two major gas-hogs!
3. I have such respect for teachers and doctors, that you would not know me in their presence.
First of all, I am really outgoing but I get so weird and intimidated around teachers and doctors that I am hardly able to speak with any intelligence. So Randy would always go with me to the kids Dr. visits and school conferences. Otherwise he would ask how it went and I would have been so nervous that I could hardly remember what they had said.
4. I cannot go to movie theaters.
I have been to one movie in the past 6 years and that was "The Passion of Christ". I am sooo hyper-sensitive to sound and movement that I want to do bad things to people that are unwrapping candy, coughing, munching, slurping, talking, getting up & down... and don't get me started if a cell phone goes off. Not good.
5. I mix my metaphors. All the time.
Once when Randy and I were discussing a family's financial hardship, I said "I can't believe they bought that... they don't have a penny to pee on!" And yes, there are dozens more.
6. Whenever we go out to eat, I have to be the last to order.
Otherwise I suffer "orders remorse"... wishing I had ordered what another had ordered. I am very indecisive like that.
7. And last but not least, I say and do unusual things without thinking.
Years ago, when answering machines were new, I was forced to leave a message on someone's answering machine and I think because of the quiet tone of my voice, I ended the message by accidently saying "In Jesus name, Amen" and hung up the phone. I was mortified when I realized what I had just done!

I posted this list a while back, but was recently tagged again by a couple bloggers, so I just reposted the same list but added one more to make it a list of "seven things you may not know about me". Everyone is welcome to play along and post their own list. It's actually quite revealing... and fun.

My lovely red Hibiscus are blooming big this year! And the old tractor seat and milk can came from the family farm in Wisconsin. Have a great weekend and thank you sooo much for stopping by!


Zoey said...

LOL, Linda. I spit out a popcorn kernel laughing at the answering machine message!

Kerri B. said...

Yeah, the answering machine story is the best ever. Hilarious.