Monday, May 28, 2007

Thread catcher pin cushions

I am sooo happy! You see, I am creating!! My sister Ginny and I have been busy making thread catcher pin cushions!! So far I have made the two outer 'thread catcher pin cushions' and Ginny made the middle one for Miranda. Oh, check out Miranda's blog for pics of all the graduation festivities! Such fun times! Can you believe the 'zinc jar lid pin cushion' that Ginny also made for the very first time! She's amazing!

I am sooo excited to make one of these tomorrow! Do you not love the little bitty buttons in the middle! You gotta click to enlarge and check out the detail.

Here I am filling my pin cushion with the finest sand. Do you have any idea how happy it makes me to create... to fill pin cushions with sand! OK, so I already told you so. But seriously, my sister is the most talented person I know! We are having the best time! Whatever will I do when she goes back to Wisconsin on Wednesday! Be sure to check back to see what all we accomplish tomorrow! I am sooo happy!


Angie in AZ said...

Girl, I HAVE to have one of those thread catchers! I hope you are remembering how to make them so I can be first in line!

Oh, and OT, I saw in the Portico Miranda's new address and gosh, she literally lives around the corner from me! So when you are over in our neck of the woods visiting her, visit me too!

I'm very glad to see you posting! I've missed you!

Lizzie said...

The little cushion with the teensy buttons is adorable. I never knew that sand went into pin cushions! Hmpfh! So, I not only was able to share in your lovelies, but learned something, too.

Sandy said...

Looks like too much fun!
Wish I were at that table with you girls :)

Britt-Arnhild said...

How cute.
It is wonderful to creat, isn't it :-)

Natasha said...

I have one of those thread catchers and love it. I paid $13 dollars for it three years ago because I wanted it so bad and was afraid I wouldn't be able to reproduce it. Yours are lovely!!

And the zinc lid pin cushion is so pretty.

NanAZ said...

Very fun stuff! Love the detail in the pin cushions too! Have you figured out how much you're selling them for?

You should think about doing a local craft show sometime to sell them too! That would be fun to rub shoulders with the crafters...and get more ideas!

ATS said...

cute. you're cute.
when are we scrapping again? I pretty much have all my wedding pics!

see you there! said...

Today is catch up day at the blogs for me.

Those thread catchers are just too cute, I've never seen one before.

The zinc ring pincushion is a great idea as well. Everyone needs a pincushion... or two... or three.