Monday, July 02, 2007

let freedom ring

This week I will be posting some of my favorite photos with our nation's flag. We always had a flag waving from a flag pole on our family farm in WI... always. In fact many of those flags throughout the years had been flown from our nation's capitol before we recieved it. Yes, you can buy a flag that has first flown from the Capitol. How cool is that! I remember taking down our flag each night if there was a threat of rain and raise it back up in the morning. My Dad is a very patriotic man that served in World War II, so the flag was always a big deal and still is. Randy & I are proud to have a flag at our home too.

Every single time we go back to the farm, Randy and our son Tyler climb the 90 foot Harvestor Silo the morning we head back to Phoenix. You can see our van, packed and ready to go, and Tyler and Randy on top of the silo. I was always too nervous to watch them climb up and climb down, so I would wait for them to get to the top and then take their picture. No, I have never done it and chances are, I never will.


Becca said...

Wow. A real farm. Is it huge?

NanAZ said...

That silo looks really cool and I bet the view is amazing! Have you ever had Randy take a picture from the top of it?

What great memories.