Friday, July 06, 2007

pegged artwork

When I was planning my craft room, I knew I wanted a wall filled with colorful tote bags hanging on pegs. What I ended up hanging from those pegs were little girl straw bags and such. You have got to go down the isle at your local Savers and check out the little girl's purse section! And here's the kicker, most of them have the original tags on them, because they are given as gifts and never used. They are so bright and colorful and so artsy cutsy! I mixed in a couple small baskets filled with vintage millinery flowers to add even more texture. Ok, so the bustier pink floral purse was found at a yard sale for 50 cents! Come on, how could I NOT add that to my pegged artwork!


Sandy@Reluctant Entertainers said...

Fun, Fun ... again! :)
I hope you had a great 4th, Linda!

Cindy @ My Romantic Home said...

That is so cute. I just saw a cute little straw bag at the goodwill yesterday! If only I had more room, I would copy your great idea.

Lori said...

Hello AZ! I am always writing about my son who moved to Surprise Az and how I miss him and low and behold I came across your blog this morning!! I have so much wanted to find someone in his neck of the woods and this morning my wishes and prayers are answered!! I have only been through a few of your posts today but will savor in them later! I live in Northern IN and feel the happiest woman in town today...all because of you!! God Bless you dear for writing, try to stay cool, Lori

Tiffany said...

ohhh...cute cute! I'm a "purse girl" myself and never can pass up a sweet little bag at the thrift shops!