Monday, December 10, 2007

my Waechtersbach dishes

I am sooo thrilled that we are having lots of rain here in Phoenix! Makes me so happy and well, rain makes it feel so wintery. I can pretend there is snow on the ground and that I am stuck indoors with the woodstove all fired up and the house all warm and cozy.
SO, I had to make myself some yummy hot chocolate. What makes it so yummy you may ask? Well, it's a secret. But I will tell you my little secret. Make yourself a steaming mug of hot chocolate and then... add a splash of Peppermint Schnapps! Oh my gosh, what could be more festive during the Holidays on a dark, rainy afternoon! And then, here's the topper... literally, the topper... add a dollop of FROZEN Cool Whip. Yes, frozen! Seriously, try it. You will never go back to marshmellows. ever. again.
So, that and my peanut MnM's on a cold, rainy day... mmmm, simply priceless.

Love displaying my Waechtersbach Christmas dishes from Germany every year!! They are truly my pride and joy of all my Christmas collections!
Many, many years ago I found six 'irregular' plates at a Christmas liquidation store for $6.00 each. I never dreamed I would ever add to those six plates. But over the years I found 4 complete place settings at a little thrift store in Pine, Arizona for $25.00! That is like the cost of one single plate! And then I got several more place settings and the matching wine glasses from my cousin Shelly. She brought them back from Germany many years ago. Can you believe it! I am forever grateful.

THEN, while Randy & I were back in Wisconsin in October, my sister Ginny surprised me with "The Star" baking dish!! She had found it for a deal. (retails for over $40.00!) Oh and that big serving bowl was a TJ Max find for $5.00!

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Lucy said...

Some things are meant to be, aren't they?? Your treasured find a long time ago led to a collection that was meant for you! And look how perfect your Christmas display is on your hutch--beautiful!

I'm off to find some peppermint schnapps ;) (that does sound like a fabulous combination!)

Heidi said...

Your dishes look just beautiful in that darling red cabinet! They are so festive--they make me happy to look at them. :) I can see why you love them so much!

Thanks for the hot chocolate tip! It's supposed to snow again tomorrow, and I have chocolate raspberry hot chocolate mix in the cupboard and Cool Whip in the freezer! Guess what I'm having! :)

Judy said...

Great dishes...and a wonderful cabinet to display them in!

The hot chocolate's sounding really good right about now...we've got the snow to go with it too!

Sandy said...

Hi Linda - fun to see your beautiful festive set of dishes, that go so well in your red hutch!
Love those thrifty finds ...
Sandy :)

Deb said...

Hi Linda
What a gorgeous red hutch ... it looks so festive all dressed in your waechtersbach dishes. Great collection!

bj said...

oooo, these dishes are fabulous! And you red hutch is just full of wonderfulness...I, too, have a red hutch that you might see in some of my posts.
Your house is precious and I hope to see more of it. I am one of those that LOVES to peek inside others homes and see how they decorate. lol
hugs, bj

Michele with 1 L said...

I just googled "Waechtersbach Christmas display" and found this post! I have a similar collection that started when I was 18 with a set of mugs from JC Penny. My mom bought me some dessert plates for Christmas that year, and I've been hooked ever since. My collection has grown over the past almost 30(!) years with pieces from TJ Maxx, ebay, and antique stores. How cool that you have some "authentic" ones from Germany! I always pull out the dishes from storage on December 1st and we use them the whole month. I have an old Hoosier cabinet that is full of extra kitchen appliances. It's not red like yours (GORGEOUS!)but you've inspired me to clean it out and display my collection this year.