Friday, February 22, 2008

snowed in lattes

Ok, so many of you may find this rather strange, but I have a longing to be snowed in. It's true.
My computer is set up to show me what the temps are in places where my family members live. And it sorta makes me a little envious when I see that it's snowing in WI and the wind chill is 40 below 0. For me that just sounds so cozy and romantic and all. I know, I know, I am well aware of what it's like having to function in all that snow and ice. But still. I miss it. I want to feel like I can't go anywhere. That I have to make do and well, do nothing but make stuff. See what I mean? That's what I would do while growing up in Wisconsin. Sew and knit and crochet and work on my scrapbooks. Yes, I was scrapbooking back in the 70's, all through JR. HI and High School. I saved every memento from every event. I saved the gum I was chewing while I was asking Harmon Killebrew for his autograph at a Twins game... the tissue I cried in when I made varsity cheerleading... the ticket stub from "The Exorcist"... candy wrappers from bus trips to away games...
I was all about preserving the images and remembering the stories. And I still am.
Anyway, when you live where the sun is always shining and the weather is always nice, you just long to have to stay in doors with a homemade latte and oodles of projects to keep you busy for days on end. 'Sigh'
And speaking of homemade lattes, I guess I could tell you about my latest, greatest, life-changing discovery... making my own lattes! You see, I rarely ever go to coffee shops. I just won't pay those prices. But I do love a good latte.
It all started when my favorite blog in the whole world mentions that she loves her frother from Williams and Sonoma. Well, if Alicia loves it, than I will too. So my daughter gets me one for my birthday in December. And there it sat, in the box, in my coffee cabinet, till a few weeks ago when I decide to make my first latte.
The part that surprised me the most was reading in the directions that non-fat milk makes the best froth! What? Are you kidding me? Quite frankly, I feel that consuming anything non-fat is wrong... but especially in your coffee! But, out of curiousity and that I am rather ADD (I couldn't stop thinking that I may be missing out on the best froth ever!) I break down, and buy a half gal. of non-fat milk and guess what? It really does make the THE BEST FROTH EVER!! Much forthier than the 1% froth! Thooo thrilled! Umm, why do I feel like I am mithing my two front teeth as I read this back?

Anyway, I use my little stove-top coffee pot that my daughter-in-law bought me. Makes the perfect shot of caffeine. I add one cup of microwaved milk that I have frothed... my one packet of Spenda and a little splash of sugar-free carmel Torani. The perfect latte!
And that my dear, is what I look forward to sipping every single morning.
And the best part... almost priceless... and darn near close to calorieless! (ok, but it should be a word)
Oh and I bought the bigger coffee pot yesterday at Savers for $4.00 so I am equiped to make several shots at one time.


Anonymous said...

Sounds way to cool, i too have often wondered if those little espresso pots really worked, and the funky frother tool - i guess i will need to make a trip to W&S to get my frother and keep my eyes open for the espresso maker thing. i think i even saw one at Frys MarketPlace on there sale table for like $8 - is that a good price?
Anyway, my son (worker for that 'S' coffee shop) says the non-fat milk makes a heavier-thicker foam. who would've thought.

Capt. BoxerShorts (straight from Grace Place)

Teri in CO said...

The picture with the colored glass "icebox" containers caught my eye! That is gorgeous! I've started finding these at the thrift store! I love them!

Okay, now back to read the rest of your post!

Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

I love all your refrigerator ware. I have a collection too (though not as extensive), but I'm guessing you're not surprised by that!

Heidi Ann said...

Love that photo at the top. love the Tinker Bell mug, the insulated tumbler in the back, the lamp, and especially the gorgeous display of Pyrex refrigerator dishes! Wow!

Zoey said...

I understand exactly what you mean about wanting to be snowed in. I love it, too! Although, NOT this weekend when I want to travel!

I made scrapbooks in high school, too. And guess what? I also saved chewed gum that my 6th grade heartthrob gave me.