Thursday, February 28, 2008

thrifted linens

Look what I found last night at my little thrift store! A 1958 muslin calendar! Wow, 50 years old! I was born in 1956, but 1958 was the year that my parents bought the dairy farm where I spent my growing up years and still visit each summer! How sweet are the four season farm scenes! And the colors are still so vivid. What a rare find! (and 99 cents!) Should I frame it? Should I slip a dowel through the top casing and hang it up? Mmmm...

I continue to be delighted each time I uncover more unique, hand-made linens at my little thrift store. Wherever do they come from?! Who cares... I know where they're going! And I rarely ever spend more than 99 cents for each piece.

Certain colors are 99 cents every Wednesday, and with Randy staying late because of worship rehearsal, that has become a nice little pit stop on my way home from work. Ok, so it's only a mile from my home, but regardless, a much needed respite from my 35 minute drive home. And they always have some very unique baby clothes... and well, I got me a granddaughter I've got to look out for now!
Emolyn is still doing so well. She will be a week old tomorrow and I can hardly wait to see her again!


debbiekay said...


You find the most beautiful items. The Thrift Stores near me pale in comparison. Love the linens...

Love to you,

Debbie Kay

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Beautiful grandbaby there Linda.

I always buy the hand embroidered linen and cross stitch pieces myself. I think most of it, for me, is that if someone took the time to stitch it -- it's unfortunate that their family doesn't care enough to keep it! So, doing these types of needlework projects myself, gives me such an appreciation for the time, effort and love of each stitch. So, that's my story :)