Tuesday, February 26, 2008

the yellow blanket

Emolyn will be the third generation to be going home swaddled in the yellow blanket. Which by the way, is the softest flannel blanket you have ever felt!
Randy came home from the hospital 54 years ago wrapped in the yellow blanket.
Our son Shawn came home 25 years ago wrapped in the yellow blanket and now Shawn's daughter Emolyn will be going home wrapped in the yellow blanket in a few weeks.
But we couldn't wait till then, so today we took some pictures of Shawn, Randy and myself with sweet Emolyn and the yellow blanket. And it was my first time to hold her! Oh my goodness, she felt so good.
The sweet little hat that Emolyn is wearing was from one of Miranda's dolls that I found in a box, threw it in the laundry along with the yellow blanket and a few other recieving blankets and we were off to the NICU.
All three of our kids came home in the soft yellow flannel blanket and the sleeper Shawn wore home 25 years ago.

Shawn Michael
born in 1982.

Miranda Rachael
born in 1984.

Tyler Christian
born in 1989.


Sarah and Jack said...

Are the babies all wearing the same sleeper too?

kristen said...

that is such a neat tradition! I am so happy she is doing so good!

Bax said...

Oh how precious! I love baby pictures! Your tradition of the yellow blanket is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing!


Sandy said...

Precious x 5! (Randy, 3 kids, new baby!) I know what your blog is going to consist of from now on. Crafts will go on the backburner - LOL.
Love the photos and the tradition Linda!

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Oh my Gosh Linda, I'm behind in reading blogs. Well CONGRATULATIONS there Granny. I read a few of your past posts and see that your precious granddaughter was born early. . . and is in perfect health. Praise God!!!

Rest, so you can help when they all come home now!!



NanAZ said...

Great pics! What a beauty! I still have the outfits that the kids wore home from the hospital and someday want to put them up in shadow boxes...maybe I'll hang them on the wall when I create a grandbaby's room somday...hmmm

Nonie Mae.... said...

oh so sweet!